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San Francisco Master Classes

These smaller, more in-depth classes taught by industry experts allow you to immerse yourself in specific topics and provide ample Q&A time, so you can take your knowledge to the next level. Don't miss the insights, strategies, tools, forecasts, and specific recommendations that can turn investment potential into profitable success!

How to Avoid Running Out of Money in Retirement*


Despite headwinds like a longer time horizon, the current low-yield market environment, and the need to strategically allocate beyond stocks, bonds, and funds, there are only a few distinct, yet very important, retirement decisions that really matter. Those are the ones you need to get right, so you don't run out of money during your golden years.

In this, three top retirement experts will share effective strategies for how to manage your assets for an unknown time horizon of retirement, given current market conditions and longer life span expectations. They'll also share the specific investments that could accomplish the goal of making your nest egg comfortably provide an income throughout your lifetime.

$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3

Three Hours Three Ways to Day Trade*


Day trading offers great potential, but also carries great risk particularly for the new trader. Join 50-year trading veteran Jake Bernstein in this information-packed live futures trading session and learn to earn. Jake made his first trade in 1967 and has become one of the most well-known names in the futures business. He is a real trader who trades what he teaches and teaches what he trades.

Fees for Jake's mentoring services are in the five-figure range, and his seminars generally cost hundreds of dollars per attendee. Here's your opportunity to see Jake at a small fraction of the price and learn from one of the most knowledgeable and experienced traders in the world.

First, Jake will teach you three rule-based, 100%-objective strategies, and then he will implement them as you watch and learn.

Here's a summary of what you will learn: Jake's famous 15-minute S&P breakout; intra-day OC strategy with trigger; multi-level divergence triggers and targets; stops, targets, procedures; and rules--do's and don'ts-these methods are applicable to all active futures.

If you are interested in learning the methodology that has earned Jake an international following, you won't want to miss this in-depth Master Class.

$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3

Investing in the Future: From Biotech to High Tech*


In today's digital age, there isn't an area of society untouched by technology or biotechnology in some form or another. Improvements in medical equipment and research, rapid advances in technology, and the fast-tracking of breakthrough drugs make it a constantly changing, ever-evolving environment.

But a company that looks great on paper may not be a good fit for your portfolio. New competition, proposed mergers and acquisitions, changes in key management personnel, research and development breakthroughs, and quarterly earnings surprises-all intensify these sectors' notorious volatility. Some news items may be important signals, while others might simply be smoke. How do you separate rumor from the real deal? Join these tech and biotech experts as they reveal behind-the-scenes scoop on the companies that could be the next big winners.

*$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3

Live Trading in the Dark Pool with the Stock Whisperer*


In this unique three-hour trading session, Stefanie Kammerman aka the stock Whisperer will take you inside her live trading room by sharing her screen with you during market hours. She will teach you how she finds her highest-probability trade set-ups, using pre-market price action along with the Dark Pool volume. You'll learn how to map out various trades along with how to scale in and scale out for maximum profits.

Stefanie will share the secret levels stocks trade on, as well as how to spot where the big players are buying and selling along with how they execute trades of thousands of shares without moving their stock up or down. This could take years to learn by yourself, but she is going to teach you this in just a matter of minutes.

You'll learn how to compare stocks with ETFs along with futures on gold, silver, natural gas, oil, and E-minis to increase your success rate. Stefanie will show you how to find the highest probability short-term option trades using the Dark Pool prints.

Stefanie comes to the table with over 22 years of experience trading around and in the Dark Pool. She has called the last 10 corrections before they happened on social media, and she will show you exactly how she does it along with how she has achieved a 93% success rate on her popular free YouTube video "The Whisper of the Day."

Whether you're a day trader, short-term trader, or long-term investor, this special three-hour live trading Master Class will take your trading to a whole different level.

*$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3

Red-Hot Stocks This Summer*


It's easy to get caught up in the hype around a hot stock, but picking winners requires hard work. Join this panel of top money experts and hear their time-tested strategies for separating fact from fiction when it comes to evaluating stocks to add to your portfolio.

Whether it's small-cap stocks, emerging markets, or special situations that put the glitter in your eye, it doesn't matter. Each of these experts will share where they are investing now, what they think the markets are missing out on, and how you can take advantage of the opportunities—before the rest of the market does!

Enjoy a delicious lunch as you listen to these industry experts provide in-depth analysis of opportunities that can supercharge your portfolio. Plus, you'll get a booklet with the panelists' stock picks with analysis of each stock.

$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3

Trade Like a Pro Using Candlesticks*


To trade like a pro, you need to think like a pro. In this all-new VectorVest course, Steve Chappell will demonstrate the art of pairing candlesticks and other technical indicators. Like pairing a fine wine with food, you can't just take any wine and pair it with any meal. The same applies with trading.

This course will focus on some of the most reliable candlestick patterns and technical indicators that the pros utilize today. Proven techniques and step-by-step instruction make this course a must-attend event for every trader wanting professional level results in a fraction of the time.

While single candlesticks convey valuable information about the changes in a market's supply and demand balance, a succession of candlesticks taken together, is more pertinent as they form a pattern. These patterns become super charged when we pair them with technical indicators that compliment and confirm the candlesticks themselves.

Steve will teach you how to prepare, plan, and think just like the pros do. You will learn how to master the extraordinary techniques developed by legendary traders along with how to balance and manage your trades for the best possible risk/reward scenarios.

Achieve the kind of success only possible by enhancing expert techniques with VectorVest's exclusive searches, ranking, and market-timing analysis.

*$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3

Managing Your Portfolio in This New Era*


Every portfolio benefits from the right combination of stocks and funds. But, which stocks and funds should be included in a well-diversified portfolio? What factors should you consider in choosing specific stocks and funds? How should you determine which sectors to include and which choices to make within those sectors? Have you considered all the relevant market, industry, and risks that could impact your portfolio's performance?

The financial landscape has changed dramatically over the past several years, creating new vistas of investment opportunity while adding layers of complexity and challenging much of yesterday's traditional market wisdom. Join this trio of market veterans and learn how to pick the right strategies to meet your investment goals, protect your assets in any market environment, and build a profitable portfolio in bull, bear, or sideways markets.

*$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3

Mission Impossible?--the Search for Yield*


America is undergoing a major shift in demographics. Large numbers of Baby Boomers are entering retirement and the search for income has become the main investment theme. But, building an income portfolio is not straightforward. Portfolios must take into account inflation, the required rate of return, tax implications for various types of income, sequence risk, and life expectancy; very different from the portfolio models investors focused on during their accumulation years.

In this in-depth and informative Master Class, three income investing experts will share their, insights, analysis, outlook for the future, and specific buy, sell, and hold recommendations that will help you manage your risk, safeguard your investments, and reach realistic profit goals.

*$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3

Mastering the What, How, & When of Investments and Their Executions*


In this Master Class, Raymond Rondeau, technical analyst and contributing editor, AAII Computerized Investing, is going to focus on the often-overlooked When and How areas of trading and investing, and then contour that material to the What for our current market environment. Included will be analysis on a number of the most widely traded investment vehicles in today's markets and a live attendee's choice-stock analysis session.

Beginning material will include some basics on portfolio creation, calculating appropriate positon sizes, diversifications, and the basic elements of creating attainable returns with a focus a primary focus on risk. Included will be guidance on investment selections and methods on how to get a mathematical edge when investing with ETFs or for dividends. Also covered will be a number of "tricks of the trade" on various order types to attain more favorable prices and to gain more execution control.

Then, he moves on to the primary focus of this lecture: how to definitively locate sound, tangible, and logical investment entry and exit prices. Target selections will be based on a variety of methods including: chart reading, key price patterns, spotting price manipulations, technical indicators, and certain key fundamental measurements.

Also covered will be various technical indicators and how they have actually performed, from analysis on every stock in the S&P 500 over a 10-year period. Detailed statistics and rankings of the best performing and the specific methods and parameters on RSI, stochastics, MACD, and Bollinger Bands will be reported along with several popular candlestick patterns.

Lastly, he will look at the often-overlooked element of intuition by observation and reasoning. This is an area that many professional investors put a lot of weight into, especially in regard to price/news, event and price/derivative divergences. All leading us to his 10 classic sell signals-a checklist of the 10 things that an investor should look for that could be indicating that their stock may be heading for a significant decline.

Event attendees will receive access to any (or all) of the three following exclusive offers (offer codes will be distributed at the event): 7 days free trial and full web access web to stock analysis service and 25% off annual subscription, 20% TradeStation commission rebate program up to $1,000 (expires 12/31/17), and the complete series of articles on the Classic Technical Indicators published in AAII Computerized Investing.

*$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3.

ETF Success in Three Hours or Less*


ETFs are changing the way investors interact with markets, providing unprecedented opportunities for investors. But with those opportunities come danger zones and pitfalls. In this comprehensive 3-hour session, three ETF experts will walk you through how to include ETFs to turbocharge your investment process.

This session will cover:- How ETFs *really* work.- How to trade ETFs to avoid common mistakes- The fact and fiction behind hyperbolic headlines- Is Smart Beta real?- How to choose the right ETF in any asset class

Finally, the session will conclude with a 45-minute audience driven Q&A, where none of your questions are off limits. Don't miss this opportunity to go from ETF novice to ETF expert.

*$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3

The History and Practical Application of Bollinger Bands*


In this Master Class with John Bollinger, president, Bollinger Capital Management, you will learn how and why Bollinger Bands were developed, how they were initially used and how they are used today. You'll learn the two most important Bollinger Band indicators and one of the newest BB indicators, BBTrend. Finally, you learn some trading setups that will allow you to put what you have learned to work. There will be lots of time to answer your questions and no previous knowledge of Bollinger Bands or the related material is necessary.

Bollinger Bands can be utilized in all the financial markets including equities, forex, commodities, and futures and they can be used in most time frames, from very short-term periods, to hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

All attendees of this Master Class will receive a free one-month subscription to John Bollinger's newsletter.

*$109 per person if purchased by August 3; $139 after August 3