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Cabin Rates



Your luxurious cabin includes all beverages such as fine wines, champagne, premium spirits, and all non-alcoholic beverages such as bottled water, soft drinks, and specialty coffees; gratuities for housekeeping, dining, and bar staff; complimentary evening of specialty restaurant dining in Prego and Silk Road or The Sushi Bar; 24-hour room service; personal penthouse butler service, enrichment workshop classes, and much more.


The Cruise to Health & Wealth Special Rates*
PS $15,100 $15,600
PH $11,900 $10,790
P1 $9,390 $7,295
P2 $9,390 $7,295
A1 $8,990 $6,495
A2 $8,990 $6,495
B1 $8,350 $6,045
B2 $8,350 $6,045
B3 $8,350 $6,045
C1 $8,090 $5,410
C2 $7,460 $5,000
C3 $7,300 $4,895


*Special rates do not include port charges of $380 per person

Required deposit of 30% per cabin can be made by MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card or check (payable to MoneyShow).

Seminars are only available with the purchase of the cruise package from MoneyShow and will not be sold separatey.

The participation of WEDU and Morton Plant Mease Health Care Foundation is limited to the onboard educational seminars. WEDU, Morton Plant Mease Health Care Foundation and MoneyShow (Producers) assume no responsibility or liability in connection with the services provided by the cruise line. The Producers’ reputation for meeting their professional obligations is distinguished, and they are very much looking forward to hosting you on this cruise, as are all their invited speakers. However, if they or any of their guest speakers are prevented, for reasons beyond their control, from speaking on this cruise, no claim can be processed against the Producers. In the unlikely event that a speaker cancellation occurs, the cruise-ship sailing and other onboard seminars will still take place and pre-registered passengers are encouraged to maintain their plans. However, if you decide to cancel, Crystal Cruises’ cancellation policy (see above) will apply. Cruise participants may want to consider buying cancellation protection insurance. Speakers subject to change without prior notice.

FINAL PAYMENT DUE by August 2, 2017


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