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Cabin Rates


Your cruise-only fare includes all beverages such as fine wines, champagne, premium spirits, and all non-alcoholic beverages such as bottled water, soft drinks, and specialty coffees; gratuities for housekeeping, dining, and bar staff; complimentary evening of specialty restaurant dining in Prego and Silk Road or The Sushi Bar (additional reservations or visits available for a modest fee.); 24-hour room service; personal penthouse butler service, enrichment workshop classes, and much more.

The 27th Forbes Cruise for Investors Special Rates*
Cabin PS $29,190 $28,190
Cabin PH $18,485 $20,270
Cabin A1 $10,320 $14,170
Cabin A2 $9,975 $13,420
Cabin A3 $9,705 $13,290
Cabin B1 $9,535 $13,050
Cabin B2 $8,885 $12,120
Cabin C1 $7,295 $10,760
Cabin C2 $7,105 $10,470
Cabin D $7,020 $10,340
Cabin E1 $6,770 $9,950
Cabin E2 $6,660 $9,780

*Special rates do not include port charges of $365 per person

Required deposit of 30% per cabin can be made by American Express, Discover Card, or check (payable to MoneyShow).

Seminars are only available with the purchase of the cruise package from MoneyShow and will not be sold separatey.

FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE by July 22, 2016—A few cabins are left. Call for details!


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