ETF Sector Analysis
Ron Rowland Image Ron Rowland

Defensive sectors are on the rise and already control the top of the rankings, explains ETF sector analyst Ron Rowland,…

Insiders Plus
Jack Adamo Image Jack Adamo

We currently have enough gold in our portfolio to take advantage of the uptrend, but I want to add a little more, just…

Weekly ETF Report
Jim Woods Image Jim Woods

The official Brexit trigger has implications for specific exchange-traded funds (ETFs) pegged to Europe. To get a bett…

Which Market Area Has Momentum?
Jackie Ann Patterson Image Jackie Ann Patterson

The returns of the US stock funds are clustered close together, while the two international funds have lesser returns,…

Tickers: SPY | IVV | EFA | EEM
Invest with an Edge
Ron Rowland Image Ron Rowland

Here are brief descriptions of the exchange-traded funds were are adding to our model portfolios: * VanEck Vectors Hig…

InvesTech Research
James Stack Image James Stack

The technical picture for equities is stable. On the economic front, the news has been positive. Preliminary data for …

Tickers: XLE | XLV
A Five-Pack of Preferred ETFs
Richard Moroney Image Richard Moroney

Preferred stocks represent ownership in a company and trade on exchanges like common stocks. But preferreds are also a …

Tickers: FPE | PFF | PGF | PGX
Why SPY? ETFs and Sector Analysis
Joon Choi Image Joon Choi

February was a very strong month for equities as the S&P 500 Index advanced 3.72% for the month which is the 10th …

Tickers: SPY | XLV | XLB | XLU
Tocqueville: Top Pick for Miners
Alyssa Lappen

Sector funds with a narrow focus that still offers investors a diversified way to gain stakes in particular market segm…

Tickers: TGLDX
A Duo of IPO-Focused ETFs
Jim Woods Image Jim Woods

I love capitalism, free minds and free markets; in fact, I’m a proud extremist and an ardent advocate for these p…

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