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An "Enhanced" Play on Income

My quest to position our model portfolio heavily in many high yield assets that pay out monthly has …

Bryan Perry Image Bryan Perry
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Dow Theory's Favorite DRIPs

Tired of dealing with middlemen? Some stocks allow you to avoid that hassle. Roughly 700 U.S. compan…

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Dividend Detective's Pair of Preferred

Harry Domash is an industry-leading expert on income investing. In his latest Dividend Detective, th…

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High-Yielding Fixed-Rate Favorites

Ever since late 2008, income investors have been in a pickle — with the Fed holding rates near…

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Top Picks for the Next 25 Years

I started DRIP Investor 25 years ago with the mission of showing individual investors how to get the…

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Market Caution, Value and Quality Dividends

I have no interest in hot money. Hot money has no patience or discipline, has no appreciation for cy…

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A Portfolio of "Dividend Growers"

There are clearly risks associated with high-yield investing in a dynamic rate environment. Why then…

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Dividend Detective Finds High Opportunity in Insurance

Harry Domash is a leading expert in income investing. In his Dividend Detective newsletter, he highl…

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Annaly Capital: High-Yield Preferred Picks

We've owned several series of Annaly preferred stock. Another one of them will be redeemed soon, pro…

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Time for Convertibles?

In today’s environment of strong but increasingly risky equity markets coupled with rising in…


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