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Trader Lesson: How Swing Trading Can Add Value to Your Portfolio

The swing method reduces your risk by having the market and sector forces on your side before you tr…

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Trade Idea: Bullish with Tight Stops

Continue to trade largely from a bullish posture, but keep your stops tight. Don’t short this …

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Bearish September Hasn't Panned Out...Yet

Financial markets change direction throughout the year and tend to do so close to the change of seas…

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View from Toronto: Bulls in Control, Canadian Markets Ready for a Poke

If the S&P 500 reverses and breaks support at 2,491 and the TSX presents a swing-high under 15,1…

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Three Off-the-Beaten-Track Bond ETFs

I am drawn to funds that set themselves apart through a dynamic index strategy, low cost structure, …

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Four Reasons for a Reverse Split

Reverse stock splits are rare in today’s stock market  in part because of their controver…

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Value Buys: Total and Altria

Russ Kaplan, Frank Fox Hoagstrom Financial Group, is a leading value investing expert and editor of …

Russ Kaplan Image Russ Kaplan
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Trading Edge from Watching Volume

When you’re talking to someone, you not only hear what they say, you also watch how they say i…

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The Key Sectors to Watch

The markets continued their ways of looking for direction. The gap move on the upside last Monday he…

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Trading Lesson: Riding a Trend Is Like Riding a Bronco

You’ll catch more trends with super wide stops but it’s going to hurt more when the tren…


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