Andrew Brownsword on $4.95 lower trading cost at Fidelity Investments
Andrew Brownsword

Andrew Brownswood, Senior Vice President of Fidelity Investments, tells TradersExpo about new lower online trading commi…

Duration: 4:05
Trading Outlook for Today: March 17, 2017
Daniel Gramza

Daily Market Studies with Dan Gramza provides insights, considerations, and implications for trading futures and options…

Duration: 2:12
John Netto, The Protean Trader, tackles trading myths in book
John Netto

For his new book, The Global Macro Edge, John Netto “took conventional thought out there—or myths—to show that they are …

Duration: 2:39
John Netto, The Protean Trader, explains the Netto Number
John Netto

John Netto, President of The Protean Trader, LLC, describes how the Netto Number can help traders to measure returns by …

Duration: 3:24
Dan Gramza, Gramza Capital Management, Inc.: watch inflation
Daniel Gramza

“Something we should be paying attention to is inflation,” says Dan Gramza, President of Gramza Capital Management, Inc.…

Duration: 3:33
Dan Gramza, Gramza Capital Management: on oil, dollar, gold
Daniel Gramza

When Dan Gramza looks at the outlook for crude oil, he considers production in places like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. H…

Duration: 4:17
Rick Swope, Pro Market Advisors: risk management for traders
Rick Swope

When it comes to risk management, Rick Swope of Pro Market Advisors describes what drives traders. “These two things: ri…

Duration: 3:16
Rick Swope, Pro Market Advisors: a checklist for price patterns
Rick Swope

Traders use a lot of price patterns, according to Rick Swope of Pro Market Advisors. “It’s important when traders use pr…

Duration: 3:23
Jeff Kilburg of KKM Financial: how to use options for downside
Jeff Kilburg

Jeff Kilburg is bullish. “It could be a little choppy. That’s why we’re talking about options,” says the CEO of KKM Fina…

Duration: 4:17
Trading author Dave Landry's stock tips for swing traders
Dave Landry

Trading author Dave Landry suggests good practices for swing traders. “Don’t micromanage. Look at the volatility and pla…

Duration: 3:36