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Igor Greenwald is chief investment strategist of MLP Profits and managing editor of The Energy Strategist. He also serves as an investment analyst at Personal Finance.

Igor served as a financial columnist and has also worked as a newspaper editor, foreign correspondent and online producer. He was born in Ukraine, educated at Georgetown University and lives in Massachusetts.

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Why to Buy YY

The Chinese Internet sector is hotter than the sun. It is the belle of the latest global carry-trade ball, which shows few signs of flagging, suggests Igor Greenwald, editor of Breakthrough Tech Profi…

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Cognex: Seeing Value in Robotic Vision

Without sight, the modern industrial robot is just so much flailing metal. With it, it’s increasingly a difference-maker for rapidly automating manufacturers and distributors, notes Igor Greenwa…

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Gilead: Biotech's Cash Cow

The future is infectious. There will be blood, which means there will be blood-borne viruses, asserts Igor Greenwald, editor of Investing Daily's Income Millionaire. Get Top Pros' Top Picks, MoneyS…

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Retirement Income: A Trio of "Mom-Worthy" Stocks

My parents recently sold their home and asked me to invest some of the sale proceeds to supplement the withdrawals from their retirement funds, notes Igor Greenwald, editor of Investing Daily's Person…

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Solid Plays on Hard Drives: Western Digital & Seagate

Between early 2015 and right about this time last year, shares of the two leading hard drive makers, Western Digital (WDC) and Seagate (STX), lost roughly two-thirds of their value, notes Igor Greenw…

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Income Millionaire's Closed-End, High Yield Trio

Income expert Igor Greenwald, is the editor of Investing Daily's newest dividend-focused advisory Income Millionaire; here, he looks at a trio of high-yielding closed-end funds. The Eaton Vance T…

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Helmerich & Payne: "No Payne, No Gain"

Top oil rig contractor Helmerich & Payne (HP) reports quarterly earnings Thursday morning, and I’m not expecting an immediate gusher, explains Igor Greenwald, editor of Breakthrough Tech …

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IAC: HomeAdvisor to Tinder

Unlike the better known technology giants, IAC/Interactive (IAC) hasn’t built a famous brand around its name, notes Igor Greenwald, editor of Breakthrough Tech Profits. Instead, it’…