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Fred Fuld III is the publisher of the stock and bond investing blog, Stockerblog.com, and founder of WallStreetNewsNetwork.com. He has written numerous financial articles and has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years, working as an investment advisor, options market maker at the Pacific Stock Exchange, vice president of a San Francisco money management fund, university faculty member, and wholesaler for the New Alternatives Fund (the first environmentally conscious mutual fund). Mr. Fuld's articles have appeared on numerous investment Web sites. He is the author of the books, Investing in Brazil Stocks and The Green Light on Green Stocks. Mr. Fuld has been interviewed on CNBC, FOX Business News, and Globo TV.

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Twitter Turnaround?

Twitter (TWTR) fell sharply since reporting earnings; a couple of weeks ago it had been trading over $20 a share, and now it is less than $16, notes Fred Fuld, editor of Stocker Blog. Get Top Pros'…

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3 Low-Priced Stocks Below Cash Value

Many stocks have been beaten down to very low prices due to tax selling, creating bargain basement opportunities, suggests Fred Fuld, editor of stockerblog. In fact, looking at stock…

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Trump Trio: Top Infrastructure Stocks

When you filter through all the news about Donald Trump and his upcoming policies, one of the proposals that stands out is his plan to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure, suggests Fred Fuld…

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Water and Desalinization

Availability of water is a major concern for all the states in the southwest, after going through a major drought, asserts Fred Fuld, editor of Stockerblog. But it is not just a problem …

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The Robot Revolution

When it comes to businesses, companies are recognizing how robotics can help people and make things more trouble-free for their customers and consumers. It is all about convenience and making thing…

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Fuld's Finds: Uncovering Niche Trends

With a long and varied background in the financial markets, Fred Fuld has now taken to write an investment blog focused on uncovering lesser followed, niche industries. Here, we talk with the editor…

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Green Investing Isn’t Just About Energy

While renewable power such as solar and wind comes to mind when people bring up environmentally conscious investing, this industry is green but rarely is described that way, says Fred Fuld. Fred, I…

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Brazil More Than a Pretty Face

South America’s largest economy is poised to ride its energy riches to a brighter future, says Fred Fuld of Stockerblog.com in this exclusive interview with MoneyShow.com.   What&…