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Gary Hart

Owner and System Developer

Trendfinder Trading Systems LLC


Gary Hart is the owner and system developer for Trendfinder Trading Systems LLC. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Trendfinder's primary business is to provide fully automated trading systems to institutional and retail clients. All systems are computer programmed with specific rules for entry and exit signals. Mr. Hart loves creating profitable trading systems and sharing them! He wants others to benefit from the expertise he has attained through years of trading system development. He has been studying and trading the futures markets since 1997, and trading with fully automated mechanical systems since 2001. His formal education includes a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 1992, and a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from Arizona State University in 1999. He is an NFA (National Futures Association) member as principal of an NFA, and registered CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor), which manages all trading in the investor's futures account pursuant to a specified program.