Patrick Gruber


Gevo, Inc.

About Patrick

Dr. Patrick Gruber, CEO and board member of Gevo, Inc., has spent over 30 years developing and commercializing renewable biobased technologies to replace petrochemicals. His teams have developed and commercialized several renewable resource-based products, including organic acids, plastics, fibers, advanced alcohols, and hydrocarbon fuels. Dr. Gruber led the development and commercialization of PLA at Cargill and co-founded Natureworks. As CEO of Gevo, he leads the business to commercialize renewable, low carbon jet fuel, low carbon renewable gasoline, and renewable diesel.

Patrick's Videos

CEO, Dr. Patrick Gruber, will share the company's vision and chart the road ahead for renewable fuels. Gevo is all about capturing renewable energy and converting it into liquid form. It's liquid renewable energy that can be dropped into standard infrastructure to power cars, planes, and trucks, or even convert back to electricity in a generator-but with the elimination of the ghg at the tailpipes on a net ghg basis.