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  • IMEA STAR Award winning Newsletter 2018-2020
  • Forbes Contributor Since 2011
  • Fund Intelligence Top Fixed-Income Manager (2017)

About Janet

Janet Brown joined FundX Investment Group in 1978 and has been developing successful investment strategies ever since. MarketWatch praised the FundX strategy as "the best-performing momentum strategy over the long term" in their January 2017 piece, How to Bet on Stock Market Momentum. Ms. Brown speaks at conferences nationwide, empowering investors to take control of their financial future.

Janet's Articles

Are you doing enough to manage your investment taxes? When you invest in a taxable account, you are taxed on your investment gains, so you’ll want to manage your investments in a tax-efficient way, notes Janet Brown, mutual fund expert and editor of No-Load FundX Newsletter.
The end of the year is an important time for fund investors: it’s your last chance to make tax-smart moves in your portfolio, asserts Janet Brown, mutual fund expert and editor of No-Load FundX Newsletter.
“I’m worried about the election,” an investor told us recently. “Should I take some money off the table?” He was a longtime investor, so he’d been through many elections before, but everything seemed so different this year, notes Janet Brown, president of FundX Investment Group and editor of NoLoad FundX. 
Your investments have power. You can invest in a way that supports the status quo, or you can use your investments to make a difference on issues ranging from climate change to data security, writes Janet Brown, who’s presenting at MoneyShow San Francisco.

Janet's Videos

Janet Brown describes the evolution of socially responsible investing and why you don't necessarily have to give up performance.
More than half of global assets managers are looking at the material risk that things like client change and inequality have on corporate bottom lines

How to adapt to a changing market environment and apply it in your trading. Follow changes in market sector leadership to stay ahead of the game. C