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Dr. Carla Pasternak is the columnist for Income Investor. For the past decade, she wrote High-Yield Investing, which under her byline was the highest subscription income newsletter in North America with over 40,000 subscribers. For several years, she also wrote a companion newsletter, High-Yield International

Dr. Pasternak holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from the University of Calgary in Canada. A native New Yorker, she received her undergraduate degree from Barnard College of Columbia University. 

Prior to writing High-Yield Investing, Dr. Pasternak served for 10 years as Founding President of an investor relations firm that wrote, designed, and produced hundreds of annual reports and other investor communications. She also taught business and English courses at the University of Wisconsin and Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada for many years. 

Dr. Pasternak is passionate about the stock market and enjoys helping others understand the intricacies of income investing. She applies both technical and fundamental analysis to identify overlooked and undervalued corners of the income universe.

Content from Carla Pasternak

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A Buy-Write Tech Fund for High Yield

Tech stocks are on a roll and the technology-rich Nasdaq Composite has also been breaking new records and is now trading at its highest level ever, notes Dr. Carla Pasternak, income specialist at Do…

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Active Beta ETF Eyes Europe

Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Europe Equity ETF (GSEU) is a relatively recent fund launched last year. With total assets of just $32 million but over 400 different portfolio holdings, it's a small but we…

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European Small Caps with High Yields

Based on forward p/e and cash flow multiples, European shares are trading at very attractive price levels versus U.S. equities, according to Dr. Carla Pasternak, editor for Dow Theory Letters' The Inc…

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An ETF for High Yield Corporates

Despite a bear market for bonds in the face of rising interest rates and inflation expectations, one corner of the fixed income market is thriving. High-yield corporate bonds returned a robust 23% …

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ETF Duo for Uncertain Times

For now, the only certainty is continued uncertainty. Given Trump's unpredictable management style, it seems reasonable to expect increased market volatility ahead, asserts Carla Pasternak, contribu…

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On the Sunny Side of the REITs

Here is a real estate investment trust that's successfully playing the growing retro trend of hitting the road and traveling the country by recreational vehicle, observes Carla Pasternak of High-Yie…

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The Fed Helps This Solid Bond Fund

It&rsquo’s all in the margins for this closed-end bond fund, and low rates mean a big dividend for investors, writes Carla Pasternak of High-Yield Investing. Closed-end bond fund Nuveen Float…

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'Secret' Metric Unearths 5 Stock Gems

If there's one thing you need to find out about a company, it's how much money it really has to pay out dividends, writes Carla Pasternak of High-Yield Investing. The best tool I have found to det…