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Edward J. Rodriguez is the CEO of BPN Capital Group, a Miami, FL based multi-service DeFi firm powered by blockchain technology. Mr. Rodriguez is a serial entrepreneur with 13 years of professional experience. He founded multiple companies, including Blassbooks, a social media marketplace for college students to buy and sell college textbooks for free, and Be Pro Commercial Finance, a commercial financing firm. Mr. Rodriguez also has experience as an independent consultant performing quantitative risk analysis for elite investors and funds. Currently, along with BPN Capital Group, he is focused on integrating the commercial finance industry with blockchain technologies, specifically through the tokenization of valuable hard assets.

Edward's Videos

Delta Airlines partners with Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels among actions toward a more sustainable future.

Building on its $2 million investment for an ongoing feasibility study with Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels (NWABF), Delta has entered into one of the largest airline offtake agreements of its kind to purchase sustainable aviation fuel, if produced, from NWABF. For the first time in history, accredited investors and small family offices will have access to the Billionaire advantage strategy, thanks to Blockchain technology and BPN Capital Group.