Sarah Potter

Chief Education Officer,

TradeStation Group, Inc.

About Sarah

Sarah Potter, a professional options trader, is president and chief trader at YouCanTrade. She personally manages her own wealth trading options daily and shares her trading expertise, investing insights, and trading education with active investors and financial institutions worldwide. Ms. Potter is the author of the book How You Can Trade Like A Pro: Breaking into Options, Futures, Stock and ETFs and an expert investing contributor for various media outlets including Forbes.com, Yahoo Finance, and TheStreet.com.

Sarah's Videos

Take a look back at price and volatility moves in CME Group markets in Q1 and the trade decisions that were made based on those factors. During this presentation, Craig Bewick of CME Group will discuss market conditions prior to the pandemic-driven volatility, the magnitude of both price and volatility moves in a historical context, and why volatility matters. Sarah Potter of You Can Trade will discuss what Q1 trades were not successful and the lessons learned, how this information could be applied for future trading opportunities, and what CME tools might be useful to your trading strategy.
Join Sarah Potter as she shows you ways to be patient once you have placed a futures trade. Once you enter your trade, there are many pieces of information you can use to help you decide how long you want to stay in that trade. She will share one of her favorite futures trade set ups in the ES, MES, NQ or MNQ. You will learn ways to evaluate the trade, when to let it run versus when to exit.

Throughout any given trading day, we often have a large number of trading ideas. Many traders get stuck on when to act. Should you trade an option, or the underlying asset? With so many option strategies out there, how do you decide which one to use? What factors should you consider in choosing an expiration date and strike price? Join the coaching team at YouCanTrade.com; Sarah, Neil, and Matt as they break down how to evaluate an idea, plan the trade, and set the exit.

Learn to earn more profits by going beyond buy & hold strategies and exercise active options strategies.