Mike Coglianese

Founder and Principal,

Michael Coglianese, CPA

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Mike Coglianese is the founder and principal of MICHAEL COGLIANESE CPA PC. A boutique CPA firm which has been providing the futures and hedge fund industry with audits, accounting, compliance, and tax preparation for 30 years. Prior to forming his CPA firm, Mr. Coglianese worked at National Futures Association (NFA) in the compliance department. At NFA he was responsible for compliance and financial audits, investigations, and financial analysis. Throughout his futures and hedge fund career, he has served as an expert witness during NFA arbitration, CFTC proceedings, FINRA arbitration, and mediation.

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At Traders Expo Chicago, Michael Coglianese on what traders need to know about accounting, compliance and taxes in trading equities, grains, futures, financials, cryptos and other alternatives.
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