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Michael Khouw is a 20- year veteran of the financial services industry with broad experience as a strategist, analyst, portfolio manager and proprietary trader of equities, commodities, and equity and index derivatives for both buy-side and sell-side firms. He is the co-author of The Options Edge (Wiley 2016), a comprehensive guide to understanding the value of options, optionality, volatility, and strategy for both retail and institutional investors that includes practical real-life examples of do's and don'ts for everyone from options novices to seasoned practitioners. 

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Are Tapering Fears Overdone?

Concerns over future Fed action are causing some turmoil in the market and DASH Financial's Michael Khouw discusses what he sees as the longer-term implications. SPEAKER 1:  My guest today is …

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Watching For Fundamental Shifts

Frequent CNBC guest Michael Khouw shares what factors or changes will cause him to sell a stock. SPEAKER 1:  Hi.  My guest today is Mike Khow.  Hi, Mike and thanks for joining me. M…

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Scanning For New Opportunities

DASH Financial's Michael Khouw discusses some of the methods that he uses to find new opportunities and what role the activity of some headline investors plays in his strategy. SPEAKER:  Hello …

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Using Options as a Profit Center

Options expert Michael Khouw talks about how to use options as a profit center while owning an underlying stock. Option popularity has exploded for the retail market in the past five or…

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How to Hedge with Options

Options expert Michael Khouw explains how any trader or investor can hedge their portfolio with options. One of the questions many people have today is how you hedge a portfolio of stoc…

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How to Trade the VIX

The VIX can't be traded directly, but Michael Khouw explains how traders can trade a security based on the VIX. My guest today is Michael Khouw, and we're talking about the VIX and most…