Blockchain, TECHNOLOGY

Meghan Chen

Digital Assets Strategist,

Fidelity Investments

  • Digital Assets Strategist at Fidelity Canada
  • Previously Analyst of Private Investments at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
  • Graduate of McGill University

About Meghan

Meghan Chen, CFA, is a digital assets strategist with Fidelity Investments, where she researches and develops alternatives products, including digital assets-related products. She also handles the coverage of digital assets-related products as a subject-matter expert. Prior to working with Fidelity, Ms. Chen was an analyst of private investments at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. She received a bachelor degree in communications from McGill University, and an MSc in finanical economics from Oxford University.

Meghan's Videos

Fidelity's Meghan Chen, digital assets strategist, will be providing a broad overview of blockchain, its value proposition, and key risks to keep in mind when investing.

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November 28 - 29, 2023