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Charles Cochran

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Cochran Nannis Futures Trading


Charles Cochran has been an active participant in the securities and futures industry for 27 years. In 1991, he formed Charles Cochran & Associates to take his trading, educational, and research ideas to the market for professional traders and institutions. Mr. Cochran has been a securities and futures broker, futures analyst, CTA, Independent IB, publisher of The Morning Fax, developer of three trading software programs, a Wood Mackenzie energy futures/hedging consultant, and market profile/trading educator. His first software program, Catswin, was CQG's first independent vendor's software to be offered in their system. In 1997, CME's technology committee recognized this software program as the best software for replicating the floor environment on a trading screen for off the floor trading. His second software program, Floor Trader, was developed to capture and show the volume/time and sales data real time, as newly offered by the emerging electronic exchanges. With CGQ, Mr. Cochran has taught classes on his software and market profile at CME, CBOT, NYMEX Exchanges, his offices in Wichita, Chicago with Trade Maven, and various national functions. He has been a Peter Steidlmayer disciple for 21 years and taken the concepts forward in his latest jointly developed software program, Trade Maven's Inside Edge trading software.