Landon Whaley is the Founder and CEO of Whaley Capital Group. Mr. Whaley launched Whaley Capital Group in the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis because he wanted to provide real value and a unique client experience in an otherwise highly commoditized industry. Whaley Capital Group delivers on this mission by following a rigorous investment strategy that is committed to a global macro-style of investing, while simultaneously providing a world-class, boutique-style client experience.

After successfully launching an asset management firm, he decided to launch The Whaley Report to help investors reduce the time it takes to manage their portfolio, while dramatically improving their returns. TWR accomplishes this by giving readers access to Landon's proprietary process that fuses together the fundamental, quantitative and behavioral characteristics of the markets covered to offer trade ideas where the reward-to-risk ratio is tilted heavily in the investor's favor.

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Weekly Trade Idea: Long on SPY Decline
Landon Whaley Image Landon Whaley

Like Goldilocks, he’s just bullish enough for a long trade idea on SPY, asserts Landon Whaley, Founder and CEO of…

Tickers: SPY
OIL in the Crosshairs for a Short Trade Idea
Landon Whaley Image Landon Whaley

The recent 17% gain has put OIL in his crosshairs for a short trade idea, asserts Landon Whaley, Founder and CEO of Wha…

Tickers: OIL
How to Profit from Investors' Mistake by Shorting Silver
Landon Whaley Image Landon Whaley

For silver investors who prefer ETFs, you can short the silver market via the iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV), Or you …

Tickers: SLV
Pound Gets Pounded into a Bullish Opportunity for FXB
Landon Whaley Image Landon Whaley

After this week’s official trigger to Brexit, there are no other concrete future dates for bad news. This should…

How to Trade Coming Twin Peaks for Growth and Inflation
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To sift through noise, Landon Whaley suggests analyzing three critical forces that influence asset prices: fundamental…

Tickers: XLE
3 Critical Forces in Assessing Gold
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Context is everything in life, and the same is true in markets. The more our world moves towards boiling eve…

Tickers: GDX
Top Picks 2017: ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury ETF
Landon Whaley Image Landon Whaley

I don’t know if the bull market in bonds is over or not, and nor do I care. I’m not in the business of pla…

Tickers: TBT
Top Picks 2017: Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bear
Landon Whaley Image Landon Whaley

I assess markets using my 3G investing framework, which evaluates the three most critical forces, or gravities, that i…

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