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J.D. Steinhilber


Agile Investments


J.D. Steinhilber is president of Agile Investments, a registered investment advisor that manages ETF-based portfolios on behalf of clients, and publisher of the AgileInvesting Web site. He has 12 years of experience in the securities industry. Prior to founding AgileInvesting, Mr. Steinhilber was a partner and senior vice president in the Corporate Finance Department of J.C. Bradford & Co. He is a recognized authority on ETFs and ETF portfolio strategies. Mr. Steinhilber's articles and comments have appeared in Forbes, The New York Times, CBS MarketWatch, IndexUniverse.com, Yahoo! Finance, Senior Consultant, Standard & Poor's, and ETFZone.com. He has been a featured speaker at several ETF conferences. Mr. Steinhilber graduated from the University of Virginia with a dual degree in finance and accounting.