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Cotton Graham entered the upstream side of the petroleum industry in 1995. Starting on the ground floor, he facilitated business relationships with private and public entities that eventually inspired him to start his first oil exploration company in 2004. In 2008, Mr. Graham established G2 Petroleum LLC, a venture capital company, and began acquiring operating and non-operating interest in oilfields throughout the US. During the oil market crash of 2014, he found opportunity, buying 2000 acres of oil leases in Burkburnett, Texas and created Newport Operating LLC.

Cotton's Videos

Cotton Graham, president, G2 Petroleum LLC, discusses the current oil market situation and why energy investing involves the ability to manage market cycles. He will detail his approach to drilling in the oil and gas field, the investing products he offers as a part of his energy company, and his strategy to strike at the opportunity of $25.00 oil.

During this webinar, Cotton Graham, president of G2 Petroleum, will discuss the current market situation with oil and his strategy to strike at the opportunity of $30.00 oil.

Cotton Graham discusses his 25-career in the oil and gas business and how his firm, G2 Petroleum was one of the top 3 drilling firms in Texas in 2018 and 2019.
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