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Andrew Hecht


Hecht Commodity Report


Andrew Hecht is the author of the Hecht Commodity Report, the most comprehensive, deep-dive commodities report available in the Seeking Alpha Investor Marketplace. He is a sought-after commodity and futures trader, options expert, and analyst. Mr. Hecht spent nearly 35 years on Wall Street. He has researched, structured, and executed some of the world's largest trades, involving massive quantities of precious metals and bulk commodities. He is also the editor-in-chief at Optionhotline.com.  

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Gold vs. Global Currencies
12/05/2019 8:15 am EST

Andrew Hecht explains why now is a great time to invest in gold. Why the key to gold in its performa...

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Energy Volatility & Politics
12/04/2019 8:15 am EST

Andrew Hecht explains why the recent stability in crude oil and energy prices will soon be a thing o...