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Russell Starr


Valour, Inc.

  • CEO at Trillium Gold Mines
  • Executive Chairman & CEO at Valour
  • Co-Founder and Part Owner of Echelon Wealth Partners

About Russell

As executive chairman and CEO of Valour, Russell Starr believes that all investors should have access to industry-leading digital assets and the future of finance. He is an entrepreneur and financier with deep capital markets and industry expertise, and an advocate for decentralized finance and the use of cryptocurrencies. Mr. Starr leads Valour's strategy to bridge the gap between traditional capital markets, decentralized finance, and Web3 protocols, via regulated equity exchanges and innovative products. He is also a co-founder and part owner of Echelon Wealth Partners, a large Canadian investment dealer, and CEO of Trillium Gold. After spending many years in Toronto's financial center of Bay Street, Mr. Starr has held executive positions and board roles with numerous TSX- and TSXV-listed companies.

Russell's Videos

Which digital asset solutions are most likely to gain market share and adoption in the year or two ahead? What is DeFi and what's the timeline for DeFi to further integrate into traditional finance in the next three to five years? Join Marc LoPresti, Jon Najarian, and Russell Star as they discuss their outlook for regulation of Digital Asset protocols in North America.