Mike Butler

Co-Host of Market Mindset,


About Mike

Mike Butler is the co-host of Market Mindset on, a show that highlights trade ideas for underlyings that are chosen by viewers. You may recognize him from Mike and His Whiteboard on YouTube, visual beginner segments, which was his first introduction to investment broadcasting. Mr. Butler is also the face of the new, free beginner course in the tastytrade learn center. He manages his own account and posts his trades to view for free on the tastyworks trading platform's follow page.

Mike's Videos

Mike Butler dives into selling options with strategies like strangles and straddles and explains the process of rolling trades that go against him. He touches on the perception of risk with short premium trades, why buying power reduction is a decent gauge of real-time risk, and offers a few trade examples of his own that started off poorly but turned into profitable trades through mechanical rolling and defense.

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