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Ted Bauman has dedicated his life helping people secure and keep their wealth. Banyan Hill is a natural extension of his quest. Through his monthly newsletter The Bauman Letter, and elite research service Profit Switch, Mr. Bauman helps investors achieve true financial freedom. He is regularly quoted in leading financial publications and has authored several best-selling books on finance.

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Since the great financial crisis, but especially since the Federal Reserve's massive response to Covid-19 in March of 2020, the US stock market has become increasingly detached from "fundamentals." Most categories of stocks are being traded rather than invested in. Hanging over the entire market is the specter of the Fed's extreme liquidity policies. How should investors approach an environment like this?
There is an emerging consensus that excessive valuations in the US market and negligible bond yields are going to drive money to seek higher returns offshore. There is abundant evidence that proves the likelihood of significantly better annualized returns over the next decade by investing in carefully selected sectors in the top economies in Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, and even Africa. Ted Bauman will show the statistics that prove the opportunity and drill down to some specific opportunities in a selection of foreign markets.

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Ted Bauman

Where to Stash Your Cash Legally: Offshore Financial Centers of the World, Ninth Edition

With unfathomable budget deficits and the loss of some of America's largest and most respected corporations, combined with a government that is coming after more and more of your hard-earned cash . . . you owe it to yourself, as a law abiding citizen, to have an actionable game plan to protect your future if and when it is needed.

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Ted Bauman’s goal with The Bauman Letter is to help people break the chains of worrying about financial stability. As I said, I spent most of my life without a lot of income or wealth – so I know what it’s like to be in a situation of worrying about wealth.

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You’ll gain access to powerful market insights from Ted and his team of analysts throughout the week — raw and unfiltered. Ted isn’t afraid to speak his mind (even if it goes against conventional wisdom) to help you make and keep your money.

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