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Warren MacKenzie

Stewardship Counsellor

HighView Financial


Warren MacKenzie, stewardship counsellor at HighView Financial., has been providing investment advice to Canadian families since 1987. Early in his tenure within the investment industry, Mr. MacKenzie recognized the potential conflict of interest that can exist when financial advisors earn commissions from their investment recommendations. To give retail investors an unbiased alternative, he started Weigh House, previously called Second Opinion Investor Services, in February 2005. Weigh House provides consulting services and avoids the conflict of interest by not selling investments. With experience as a Chartered Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner, and a Certified Investment Management Analyst, Mr. MacKenzie has the knowledge and experience to give straight answers on investment portfolios. He began his working life as a schoolteacher in Halifax and later joined a national firm of chartered accountants. During Mr. MacKenzie's career, he also managed his own accountancy firm and worked as a trustee in bankruptcy. A prolific writer and frequent speaker on investment strategy and retirement planning, Mr. MacKenzie authored The Unbiased Advisor and co-authored New Rules of Retirement. His education includes Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees.