Ellen Roseman

Personal Finance and Consumer Affairs Columnist,

Toronto Star

About Ellen

Ellen Roseman is a personal finance and consumer affairs columnist with the Toronto Star's business section. She was the Star's business editor from 1997-1998 and previously spent two decades at The Globe and Mail. She is the author of seven books and teaches courses in investing at the University of Toronto.

Ellen's Videos

A panel of experts who are working to increase women's knowledge of investing and their confidence in making investment decisions, either on their own or with a partner or family.

Should you do your own investing? Instead of picking stocks, you can manage money using no-hassle index funds and online portfolio managers. Or would you do better with a human investment adviser? Ellen Roseman is a Toronto Star columnist who manages her own money and uses an adviser for her RRSP account. She'll explain the pros and cons of each approach.

Many people think dividend stocks yield the best returns. But if interest rates go up, dividend-paying stocks may take a hit. Instead of earning income, you may prefer to find growth companies that reward you with big capital gains. Ellen Roseman will look at the pros and cons of both strategies to help you choose what's better for you. Ellen Roseman is a Toronto Star columnist and teaches investing classes at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.