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Amelia Bourdeau

CEO & Founder,

Market Compass, LLC

  • Featured Expert at FX events Worldwide
  • Formerly on CNBC’s Money in Motion Program
  • Magna Cum Laude grad of Amherst College

About Amelia

Amelia Bourdeau has 15 years of financial market experience, with a strong background in macroeconomics, foreign exchange sales and trading, and international event risk. She started her career at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington DC in the International Finance Division. Ms. Bourdeau continued her career at Deutsche Bank in NYC, working as a US economist, head Canada economist, and as a foreign exchange strategist. She was a contributor on CNBC and an expert on the show Money In Motion.

Amelia's Articles

Earlier this year Amelia Bourdeau highlighted the importance of Global Macro analysis. This report has held up! 
Fed-speak eased traders’ concerns today. The payroll report was a blockbuster, sparking a risk rally. Commodity currencies strengthened on the jump in the Bloomberg Commodity Index, cuts by China of the required reserve ratio & U.S. equity rally, says Amelia Bourdeau.
Markets are nervous heading into the December FOMC meeting and a potential U.S. government shutdown. Volatility is up (“VIX”), and on Monday, U.S. equity markets finished in the red, writes Amelia Bourdeau Tuesday. She's presenting at MoneyShow Orlando Feb. 8.
The postponement of the key Brexit vote has hit GBP/USD and put UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s political future at stake. Heading into year-end, plenty of risk events to keep volatility high and safe-haven currencies bid, especially JPY, writes Amelia Bourdeau Tuesday.

Amelia's Videos

Learn to look at markets like the large macro hedge funds do. Learn tips for identifying and tracking global event risk, why it is important, and how to use it to improve your trading. This presentation from Amelia Bourdeau will focus on forex spot, futures, and US equity indexes. Whether you are a technical or fundamental trader, these skills will benefit you!
Amelia Bourdeau of Market Compass LLC , describes the evolution of risk since the outbreak of the Coronavirus and how investors moved assets across multiple safe havens.
Amelia Bourdeau of Market Compass LLC, discusses the significance of the Federal Reserve's emergency rate cut in March and why it foretold the market volatility that followed.
Join us as industry influencers Amelia Bourdeau, Anthony Grisanti, and Dan Gramza discuss the current macro environment in equity indexes, gold, crude oil and the currency markets. Learn what trading opportunities and which products allow the most efficient exposure and risk management of these opportunities. Hosted by CME Group.

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