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Learn why stock option expiration dates can differ from stock to stock, explains Alan Ellman of The Blue Collar Investor.
It’s common knowledge now that Big Tech dominates the broad stock market like never before, states Jesse Felder of The Felder Report.
If you’ve been following this post over the past few months, one of the few conditions I warned about that did not materialize to this point is a major drop in the US Dollar. Instead, we’ve had a reaction since August in the Ten Year, explains Jeff Greenblatt of Lucas Wave International.
Trade on Wednesday could not have been worse for bulls. The S&P 500 (SPX) started the session with a gain of 1.9% as year-end institutional cash flooded the early tape, says Jon Markman, growth-stock specialist and editor of Strategic Advantage.
Facebook's name change to Meta Platforms (FB) is in line the new "metaverse" vision that founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg laid out earlier this year, explains Tony Daltorio, growth stock specialist and editor of Market Mavens.
An interesting open market purchase took place recently (November 12) at Jackson Financial (JXN), observes Jim Osman, editor of the specialty advisory service, The Edge Spinoff Report.
Diageo (DEO) is is the largest spirits company in the world with such market-leading brands as Johnnie Walker scotch, Smirnoff vodka, Captain Morgan rum, Gordon’s gin, and Guinness stout, notes Gavin Graham, contributing editor to Internet Wealth Builder.
Royal Gold (RGLD) had a very strong quarter with volume, revenue and cash flow records; the first silver was received from the Khoemacau mine in Botswana, where Royal also just increased its stream to 90% of the silver produced at this copper mine, notes Adrian Day, editor of Global Analyst.
I come across many traders every week, each with different styles, backgrounds, levels of experience, and preferred trading vehicle—futures, commodities, stocks, options, crypto. They all want to know...When am I supposed to sell, states Bob Lang of Explosive Options.
As we close the month of November, we are sad to report that Covid-19 has reclaimed the top spot as the single most important variable for the agricultural, and most other, markets, says Chad Burlet of Third Street Ag Investments, LLC.

Virtual Learning

Now in its 8th year, the ETF All-Stars helps Canadian investors narrow down the field of ETFs from the more than 1,000 currently available to a short list of roughly 50, spanning Canadian equities, US equities, international, fixed income, and one-decision asset allocation ETFs. Jon Chevreau spearheads a panel of eight ETF experts, who also contribute more eclectic individual picks through the popular Desert Island pick feature.
Participating in innovation is exciting, and you can do so right here at home with Canadian-listed ETFs. As Canadian investors you have access to the US-listed ETFs, meaning that you have access to top-performing and famous innovation strategies. However, if that same innovation strategy is available to you in Canadian-listed form why are you still buying US? You can participate in innovation in Canada through Canadian-listed ETFs.

Will the Canadian dollar head higher against major currencies after the Bank of Canada signaled an accelerated rate hike in late October?

With inflation expected to stay above target throughout 2022 due to high energy prices and supply bottlenecks, how will the current and upcoming macro-economic measures impact the loonie in the upcoming year?

Join this session as Eric Chang walks through the 2022 outlook for the loonie and how you can take advantage of the upcoming moves in the loonie:

  • The impact which marco-economic measures will have on the Canadian loonie
  • Outlook on asset classes which will be impacted by a strengthening/weakening loonie
  • How to lower your trading costs on USDCAD

Join Omar Ayales for this in-depth session, designed to bring you the latest intelligence available so you can identify and profit from the opportunities in today's markets. The knowledge you gain by attending this session can help you make better investing or trading decisions tomorrow.
Risk Management is a term everyone is seemingly familiar with, but few have an easy time describing what it is, and how it frames our decision-making processes. When evaluating risk, errors in decision-making occur due to inherent psychological factors. This session will break down the concept of risk management in a way that can be articulated to others, and reviews a few of the inherent psychological factors to demonstrate how the wrong decisions in risk management can sometimes be made.
Many investors get caught in popular investment themes. They enthusiastically buy near the top, then fearfully sell near the bottom. Keith Richards will be sharing insight into using contrarian analysis tools designed to help you buy oversold markets and securities that have reached their capitulation stage. These same tools can help you avoid or sell an overbought market or security that has reached its euphoric stage. Taking key lessons from his new book Smart Money, Dumb Money, this seminar will assist you in incorporating contrarian analysis into a logical trading strategy.

Most people believe top options traders have crazy high IQ. But not according to Warren Buffet. In fact, he said: "Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with a 130 IQ...Give away 30 points to somebody don't need a lot of brains to be in this business."

A lot of people with crazy high IQs are terrible at this game because they have too many things going on in their heads. What you need is the emotional stability to hone in on a few proven strategies and trade them well.

In his featured presentation, Matt Choi, CMT will demo a complete options strategy that you can use in today's market.

This strategy involves:

  1. Using the Internet as a data-mining tool to find the best stocks to trade
  2. Applying an options strategy that can generate 100% or higher ROI
  3. Quickly finding high probability setups week in week out

And guess doesn't require 160 IQ either.

With the stock market on its longest bull-run in history and a dizzying array of stocks to choose from, selecting winners is an almost Herculean task. This in-depth panel assembles a select group of North America's top stock pickers who will walk you through the various sectors of the market to help you identify great companies that can deliver solid income and growth-even when this bull market is getting long in the tooth. Each will give several picks-so bring your pencils to take notes on where to put your money to best use in 2022.

There is a simple characteristic of almost every stock that moves up quickly. To be a profitable trader requires that you not only understand why it works but have the tools and process to identify opportunities. In this presentation, founder Tyler Bollhorn will show you the factor he has focused on for most of his 30-year trading career. Whether you are a longer-term position trader, medium-term swing trader, or short-term day trader, understanding his simple approach to trading the stock market will make you a better investor and trader.
Interest rates have bottomed, inflation is rising, and the economy is recovering. Join Michael Cooke, SVP and head of ETFs at Mackenzie Investments, to learn about strategies that can improve diversification, reduce risk, and enhance returns in the year ahead.