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Cannabis: A Recession Proof Global Growth Industry
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Medical Marijuana Making Global Waves
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The history of medical dates back thousands of years but researchers are just starting to learn about the plant’s…

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Alternative Investments: Moving Beyond Stocks, Bonds and Cash

While most investors turn to stocks, bonds and cash, they are not your only options. Far from it! And, for savvy investors who move beyond conventional investments, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Looking for alternative investment ideas? You have plenty to choose from — private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, managed futures and derivatives contracts, as well as real estate, oil, precious metal commodities, collectibles and more!

That 150-year-old bottle of wine and the 1907 Saint-Gaudens Gold $20 Double Eagle? Yep. They’re both alternative investments.

Alternative investments can offer substantial returns along with long-term tax benefits and hedges or diversification for your portfolio. But, they are definitely not for everyone.

They are also complex in nature and are less liquid than conventional investments. Valuation can be difficult, especially with art and other collectibles, and alternative investments often have significant minimum investments and fee structures, which is why they are typically held by accredited, high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.

And, as with any investment, due diligence is a critical part of developing successful alternative investing strategies.

Alternative Investing Strategies from the World’s Leading Experts

Despite their many benefits, alternative investments can be complex instruments and they are less regulated than other investments. So before you risk your money, doing your homework is important. MoneyShow can help.

Each day, we bring you articles from the world’s leading financial authorities. They share their expert insights, tips and proven alternative investing strategies, along with breaking news that could impact your portfolio.

You’ll find a treasure trove of alternative investment ideas and articles on everything from derivatives and precious metals to oil and utilities. Here, you receive the information you need to create and refine your own alternative investing strategies.

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