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Commodities, in a sense, are the building blocks of the world's economies. They represent the raw materials, resources and agricultural products that are used by business, industry and consumers around the globe.

Commodities range from the cattle and grains that make up the food supply to oil and natural gas that fuel global industry, from timber to iron and steel used in construction and manufacturing, to gold, silver and other precious metals that have not only industrial and consumer uses but also a monetary aspect as a store of value.

The commodities markets attract traders who speculate on the volatility and change in commodity prices. Through stocks, investors can take positions in the companies that harvest, process, refine or mine the various commodities and resources.

A particular attraction of investing in commodities is that, as an asset group, they often move counter-cyclical to stock and bond markets; this provides investors with an important asset hedge and an effective tool to diversify their investment portfolios.

Access to the Top Experts

Given the complexities of investing in commodities, traders and investors are particularly challenged to find accurate and timely information and advice that can help them navigate these markets. MoneyShow gives you all the "resources" you need:

  • Online education events and videos
  • Investor and trader conferences
  • Investment cruises
  • Daily website articles

Among the experts and analysts who contribute to the MoneyShow website are dozens of experts who specialize in trading in resources and investing in commodities. They share their current outlooks for various commodity markets as well as their specific stock, fund and commodity-specific recommendations.

Finding Successful Strategies for Investing in Commodities

As much diversity as we see in the commodities markets, there are equally diverse methods of trading and investing in commodities.

More sophisticated traders might be comfortable speculating in commodities on futures exchanges. More conservative investors might prefer to buy the stocks of commodity producers or miners.

Others might choose to invest in commodities with the diversification offered by mutual funds or ETFs, while still others might be interested in buying physical gold and silver.

No matter what approach best meets your personal financial needs, MoneyShow — through our website, our daily articles, our online video library, and our investor and trader conferences — gives you the guidance required to attain your financial goals.