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Metals Are Setting Up a Strong Upside Move

The larger signals are pointing to a strong rally setting up within the next few weeks and that is…

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Calling for Market Top within the Next 3 Weeks

I expect last week’s ascent to slow in the SPX over the coming weeks, which will likely resu…

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Love Gold? Be Patient and Look for Bottom

We’ve been skeptical about buying into the gold bulls’ case for quite awhile, and are neither surp…

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Overview of the Metals Market for Traders

I think that anyone aggressively maintaining on the short side of the market will likely overstay t…

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Gold: Setting up for the Next Rise?

Seasonality kicked in as gold broke below its December 2016 uptrend dropping over $20 last Monday i…

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Golden Investment Rule: Check Before Investing in Gold, Silver, Precious Metals

Even for a skeptical investor, the warning signs about scams in gold, silver and precious metals ar…

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Six Reasons to Like Royalty Mining Stocks

I still find it curious that many investors don’t realize what a significant role royalty an…

Frank Holmes Image Frank Holmes
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Commodities? Why? Well, Because the Stocks/Commodities Ratio Says So

A shift in the Stocks/Commodities ratio doesn’t necessarily mean the stock market goes down …

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Janet Yellen Just Made History

Ms. Yellen has assured us a crash will not happen in our lifetime. Rather, I think we will see one…

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Asanko: Gold in Ghana

We’ve been looking for a profitable mining company trading near its low, and Asanko Gold (AKG…

Bill Mathews Image Bill Mathews
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Rio Tinto: The "Stock to Own" in Mining

The mining industry has tried for more than a year to improve its ways. The best companies have ma…

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Alliance Resources: "Get on the Coal Train"

No one denies the long-term trend of natural gas and renewables taking more market share, but coal …

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The Metals Market Is Out of Room and Time

Where the market now resides presents investors and traders with a nice risk/reward set up. As long…

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A "Big Deal" for Osisko

Osisko Gold Royalties (OR) — a royalty streaming company — is buying a portfolio of roy…

Adrian Day Image Adrian Day
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A Trio of Junior Gold Miners

US Global's Ralph Aldis is a leading expert on mining stocks; here, the portfolio manager for the …

Ralph Aldis Image Ralph Aldis
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Precious Metals: "A Streaming Triumvirate"

Owning and operating a gold mine is expensive. Land rights, machinery, labor, permits and others e…

Jason Simpkins Image Jason Simpkins