Fidelity Favorites: A Look Abroad
Jack Bowers Image Jack Bowers

This month, we’ve upgraded our ratings on several diversified foreign stock funds, reestablished a small stake ab…

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ETF Sector Analysis
Ron Rowland Image Ron Rowland

Defensive sectors are on the rise and already control the top of the rankings, explains ETF sector analyst Ron Rowland,…

iShares Eyes Rate-Hedged ETFs
Mark Salzinger Image Mark Salzinger

Various ETF providers offer bond ETFs that hedge away interest rate risk, leaving credit risk as essentially the only …

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DoubleLine: Safety Play with Floating Rates?
Robert Carlson Image Robert Carlson

We don’t want to own traditional bond funds, because they’re going to lose value as interest rates rise, ca…

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Which Market Area Has Momentum?
Jackie Ann Patterson Image Jackie Ann Patterson

The returns of the US stock funds are clustered close together, while the two international funds have lesser returns,…

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Boyd's Bets: Fidelity Growth Funds
John Boyd Image John Boyd

There seems to be little “trust” in the market; the higher it goes, the more worried investors are that it&…

Janet Brown’s 5-Fund Portfolio for Peace of Mind
Janet Brown Image Janet Brown

We categorize funds into various groups; here, we are focusing on Class 4, which can be a good option for those who wan…

WCM Focused: A Favorite for International Growth
Robert Carlson Image Robert Carlson

One fund that’s been earning strong returns without making headlines is WCM Focused International Growth (WCMRX)…

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A Five-Pack of Preferred ETFs
Richard Moroney Image Richard Moroney

Preferred stocks represent ownership in a company and trade on exchanges like common stocks. But preferreds are also a …

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High Yield Havens
Mark Salzinger Image Mark Salzinger

Despite a reputation for volatility, the high-yield bond market could prove safer than higher-quality bonds …

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Why SPY? ETFs and Sector Analysis
Joon Choi Image Joon Choi

February was a very strong month for equities as the S&P 500 Index advanced 3.72% for the month which is the 10th …

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Closed-End Duo forTax-Efficient Yields
David Fabian Image David Fabian

Income investors with large taxable accounts are consistently focused on maximizing their total return and minimizing t…

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Value ETFs for the Trump Trade

Right now, the "Trump trade" is one in which cyclical sectors are likely to benefit, including Trump-specifi…

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Matthews: Expertise in Emerging Asia
Cynthia Andrade

Matthews Emerging Asia (MEASX) invests in stocks of companies in Asia, excluding Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Sin…

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Tocqueville: Top Pick for Miners
Alyssa Lappen

Sector funds with a narrow focus that still offers investors a diversified way to gain stakes in particular market segm…

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A Duo of IPO-Focused ETFs
Jim Woods Image Jim Woods

I love capitalism, free minds and free markets; in fact, I’m a proud extremist and an ardent advocate for these p…

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