New Residential: A Mortgage REIT
Mark Skousen Image Mark Skousen

Based in New York City, New Residential Investment Corp. (NRZ) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests p…

Tickers: NTZ
Welltower: Health Play on Senior Living
Jack Adamo Image Jack Adamo

Welltower Inc. (HCN) — a REIT that invests in senior living and healthcare infrastructure — reported full-…

Tickers: HCN
"Data Junkies" Boosts American Tower
Ari Charney Image Ari Charney

Fortunately for American Tower Corp. (AMT), everyone is hopelessly addicted to their smartphones. The Boston, Mass.-ba…

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Utility Takeover Targets
Roger Conrad Image Roger Conrad

Elevated valuations have prompted us to narrow our list of potential takeover targets to nine stocks, explai…

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REIT Expert's Picks for "Mom's Portfolio"
Brad Thomas Image Brad Thomas

I recently attended The Money Show in Orlando where I spoke to many retirees who were seeking reliable sources of inco…

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Armada Hoffler: A Safe Haven REIT
Bryan Perry Image Bryan Perry

I’m adding a new pick to our Safe Haven Portfolio that fits well against the current investing landscape: Armada …

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Hershey: A Sweet Idea
David Coleman Image David Coleman

We are upgrading Hershey Co. (HSY) to BUY from HOLD based on valuation and management’s strong 2017 guidance, ex…

Tickers: HSY
Gramercy Property: Industrial Yield
Tim Plaehn Image Tim Plaehn

Industrial properties are stealth winners from the growth of online retail sales as well as from growth in the overall …

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The Right REIT for the Trump Era
Richard Stavros Image Richard Stavros

We’re adding at REIT to our portfolio that offers a triple play of strong income, growth potential and inflation…

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Gundlach, DoubleLine & Floating Rates
Robert Carlson Image Robert Carlson

Bonds have been tumbling since interest rates hit lows in July 2016, and the decline accelerated after the election. Th…

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REITs and Rates: The Real Story
Tim Plaehn Image Tim Plaehn

You may be hearing that rising interest rates will hurt the value of real estate investment trusts. While the news bite…

Tickers: STWD | MGP
Bond ETFs in a Rising Rate World?
David Fabian Image David Fabian

A reader recently sent me a question asking why you would own a bond fund when interest rates are on the mov…

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Coresite: Data and Dividends
Nicholas Vardy Image Nicholas Vardy

Our latest recommendation takes you into the world of REITs, even as a former real estate salesman took the …

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Washington Prime: High Yield Turnaround?
George Putnam Image George Putnam

This recommended REIT carries some execution risk, but we like its very attractive valuation and aggressive new manage…

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The Magic of Compounding
Tim Begany

The ability to withstand economic ups and downs coupled with locked-in growth make utility stocks ideal for dividend r…

The Right REITs for Rising Rates
Keith Fitz-Gerald Image Keith Fitz-Gerald

Conventional wisdom suggests rising rates are bad for real estate investment trusts. In fact, that’s not always …

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