Kroger: Stay Put with Put Positions
Linda McDonough Image Linda McDonough

Our put position Kroger (KR) continued to drop as the stock moved higher, explains Linda McDonough, editor of the spec…

Tickers: KR
Options Play on ACI Worldwide
Mark Skousen Image Mark Skousen

ACI Worldwide, Inc. (ACIW) is in the forefront of growing demand by merchants to receive payments from customers in re…

Tickers: ACIW
Bear Call Spread for QQQ
Andy Crowder Image Andy Crowder

It’s time to add another PowerShares QQQ Trust (QQQ) trade to the portfolio. We locked in a nice 15.6% gain in o…

Tickers: QQQ
What to Do Now?
Kerry Given, PhD Image Kerry Given, PhD

In sideways trending markets, Kerry Given, PhD suggests you choose stocks with a sideways price pattern and reasonably …

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Surveys Are Useless for Economic Forecasting
Don Kaufman Image Don Kaufman

Investors who examine sentiment by consumers and business owners can follow more useful indicators like the VIX and ten…

Tickers: VIX | BAC
The BLS Report Bombs
Don Kaufman Image Don Kaufman

Weak earnings growth and weak jobs growth will hurt the stock market because the Fed has taken away some of the alcohol…

Tickers: AMZN | TSLA
Massive Deleveraging is Coming from Debt
Don Kaufman Image Don Kaufman

Don Kaufman, founder of TheoTrade, asserts that spending cuts are healthy, but when the economy is growing at less th…

Option Trading: What Is Theta?
James Brumley

Since option traders seeking out top returns with minimal risk should familiarize themselves with the Greeks…

Tickers: GE
A Beginner's Guide to Options Trading Strategies
Fred Oltarsh

For the benefit of all newbies still learning about options, Fred Oltarsh at Options Strategy Network breaks…

These Concepts Are Essential for Any Options Trader
Fred Oltarsh

Fred Oltarsh at Options Strategy Network explains that by understanding liquidity, implied and historical …

Why Is Vega a Critical Concept for Option Traders to Master?
James Brumley

Since option prices-puts as well as calls-tend to be higher when the underlying instrument's volatility is g…

Seven Common Sense Observations on Option Trading
Gary Delany

Advertorial- Although trading options may seem complicated to many investors and traders; Gary Delany, Dir…

5 Factors to Consider Before Every Options Trade
Fred Oltarsh

There are numerous trading techniques to consider for each and every options trade, so Fred Oltarsh at Optio…

Binary Options for the Individual Investor
Staff of the NYSE

Binary Return Derivatives were recently introduced to the market by the NYSE Amex and this binary option is …

This Time it Really Could Be Different
Frank Tirado Image Frank Tirado

ADVERTORIAL – Many investment strategies and money managers are starting to think that the market is once again i…

Trading for Income with Binary Option Mania
Butch Headding Image Butch Headding

Trading options provides investors with a great avenue for generating income but main investors do not know how to tra…