John Carter: Options, VIX, Rotation, Gold

John Carter at MoneyShow Las Vegas: It's a low volatile environment. It could stay that way for years. The last time the…

John Carter's Options Trading Ideas

Speaking at MoneyShow Las Vegas, John Carter outlines trends he sees in options trading: stocks with high short interest…

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OICs Wide World of Options 36: Rolling Option Positions and Listener Questions

Host Joe Burgoyne answers listener questions about mini-options and investor resources. Then on Stra…

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OICs Wide World of Options 31: Rolling Options Positions and OCC Advocacy

Joe Burgoyne explores the topic of rolling options positions with Steve Claussen from OptionsHouse. …

How to Use a Covered Call or Diagonal Spread

Shawn Howell explains how to use a covered call or a diagonal spread for a covered position. "It's how you can use an op…

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How Can an Option Help My Stock Position?

Sponsored Content—There is a tendency to see investment tools in isolation. Securities. Fixed…

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Bottom Fishing in Energy

Energy prices have been on a wild ride in the past year, pulled between efforts by OPEC to cut prod…

Corporate Actions and Their Impact on Your Options Positions

This Contract Adjustments presentation will provide detailed examples of the impact of splits, spin-offs, and mergers on…

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Helmerich & Payne: "No Payne, No Gain"

Top oil rig contractor Helmerich & Payne (HP) reports quarterly earnings Thursday morning, and…

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Options Expert Eyes Iron Condor Trade

I am going with a conservative trade in our Iron Condor portfolio, notes technical expert Andy Crow…

Andy Crowder Image Andy Crowder