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Speculators Disappear as Luxury Investments Lose Their Luster

The economy is firing on all cylinders, but why are luxury investments fading? Here's how the decli…

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Blackstone Group: Alternative Assets

Blackstone Group LP (BX) offers alternative asset management; it raises capital for, invests in and…

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Predictive Analysis Pays Dividends

Companies are being drawn to a growing number of specialists who comb the Internet for patterns o…

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Crowdfunding Shines Light on Solar

Billy Parish of Mosaic explains how the concept of crowdfunding is pushing solar projects into the …

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The Forgotten Hard Asset: Art

For centuries, art has been one of the most dynamic (and beautiful) hard assets, but the…

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The Future of Funding Has Arrived

With the sour taste that venture capitalists and investment bankers have left in the mouth of m…

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Where Are the Emerging Art Markets?

The art market is growing on a global scale, but it is expanding faster in some countries than oth…

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Coins in Your IRA?

Eric Jordan, author of Modern Commemorative Coins, discusses a little-known provision that allows …

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The Age of Collaborative Consumption

The Internet has brought many changes, and it now looks like momentum is gathering for the next so…

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The Fine Art of Investing in Collectibles

With alternative investments increasingly in the spotlight, Artnet has developed indices and analyti…