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Don’t Bury the Buck Just Yet

Surprise is what moves prices the most. One surprise is the Trump agenda. So, stay tuned and don&rsq…

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Forecasting, Causality, the Black Swan, and Your Edge

In currency trading, we need only concentrate on two things: the consensus rational and the potentia…

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The Trader View Ahead for Pound, Yen, Euro, Dollar

The yen plays a safe-haven role when risk rises. So, if risk flows into the market we would expect t…

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Is There a Sentiment Extreme in the Euro as the Fed Looms?

I am not saying the high is in for the euro, but I am saying that if something clicks positively for…

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Specs Increasingly Bearish on Yen. Are They Wrong?

Given the weakness in the US dollar, likely because of the collapse of Trump’s agenda and ongoing r…

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Don't Count on Weaker Dollar for Emerging Market Relief

Any major correction in global markets could see the U.S. dollar get a major risk bid higher. So co…

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Watching to See if the Pound is Vulnerable Again

We will be watching to see if Mr. Market decides to do a re-think when it comes to the UK-US yield …

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Forex Trading: Do You Have the Time?

To aid the forex trader still deciding on what to examine, Adam Lemon of …

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5 Forex Trading Tips You Might Not Read in a Text Book

Even though there are hundreds of courses available to teach the technical aspects of tr…

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What Is EUR/GBP Heading Towards Now?

Given the euro was down against the British pound recently—as the latter one managed to reco…