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Three Off-the-Beaten-Track Bond ETFs

I am drawn to funds that set themselves apart through a dynamic index strategy, low cost structure, …

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Value Buys: Total and Altria

Russ Kaplan, Frank Fox Hoagstrom Financial Group, is a leading value investing expert and editor of …

Russ Kaplan Image Russ Kaplan
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Trading Edge from Watching Volume

When you’re talking to someone, you not only hear what they say, you also watch how they say i…

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The Key Sectors to Watch

The markets continued their ways of looking for direction. The gap move on the upside last Monday he…

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Trading Lesson: Riding a Trend Is Like Riding a Bronco

You’ll catch more trends with super wide stops but it’s going to hurt more when the tren…

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When Traders Innovate: The Story of eToro CopyFunds

With CopyFunds, investors around the world can have a managed investment portfolio with no additiona…

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New Look at Asset Allocation for Retirees

When suggesting a sample allocation for a 66-year old retiree, I think it is wise to tread a differe…

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Apple Inc Stock & the iPhone 8

If Apple’s forecasts are correct, the actual sales figures will boost the company’s shar…

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Germany Is Being Hurt by the ECB's Stimulus & ZIRP

Germany has excessive stimulus, asserts Don Kaufman, Co-Founder of TheoTrade. And in the US, what ar…

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Trading Lessons: Most Precise Way to Find Bounce & Termination Points

The Kairos method of squaring price and time can be used for stocks, commodities, futures, and forex…