Welcome Remarks at Opening Ceremonies

A New Era in Global Investing: Pros and Cons of Europe and the US Under New Leaderships

David Callaway has nearly 30 years of experience in the media industry. Before joining TheStreet, Inc., he served as editor-in-chief at USA Today, and before that, at Marketwatch. In this keynote address, he will examine the market environments in the US with Trump and Europe after elections in Denmark, France, Germany (September).

The Secret to Success in Stocks

As editor of The Prudent Speculator newsletter, which has been the #1 ranked investment newsletter in terms of total return performance for the past 20 and 30 years according to the Hulbert Financial Digest, John Buckingham will share his insights, along with a couple of current favorite stocks, into why Mark Hulbert and Barron's call The Prudent Speculator, The Little Newsletter That Crushed the Market.

Life After Google

One of the tech world's more famous-and controversial-prophets, George Gilder was President Reagan's most frequently quoted living author and serves on the board of directors of several technology companies. He will share about a new system of the world that enables a new global economy founded on a new form of internet money and micropayments, new forms of holographic presence, and a dissipation of the clouds of computing as intelligence moves back to the edge and new companies emerge to lead the new era.

The Future Perfect: How AI, Robotics, VR, and AR Will Combine to Create an Absolutely Fantastic Future

We've seen technology move in step function shifts every 10 to 15 years. We had the PC in the early 80s, the Internet in the mid-90s, and the smartphone in the mid-to-late 2000s. We're due for the next step function change in technology and we think this one will be the biggest yet. It will be created by a combination of artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Stimulus and Business Confidence Revisited? Could Economic Growth and Markets Follow?

The American economy and US corporate profits are likely to continue to endure slow growth for many domestic reasons: Rising savings rate, intrusive and anti-growth government policies, intransigent domestic politics, massive entitlement and debt loads, and an unsolved healthcare system, to name a few. Internationally, the US (and indeed, the world) faces economic slowdowns from Brexit and the EU, from a deterioration in China's prospects, from a weakening of the oil sector, and from the uncertainty introduced by the many geopolitical hot spots. It is highly likely that these discouraging economic/geopolitical conditions will encourage even more monetary and even fiscal stimulus. The talk will, of course, discuss the economic and markets background, and also attempt to present suggestions on how to resolve the adverse conditions so describedorder to ramp up US and world GDP growth. Attend to learn: what are the relevant causes of the sluggish world-wide economic outlook, how might we change the culture in Washington to reduce uncertainty and improve confidence in the private sector, and how to invest in publicly traded markets, private markets, and inflation hedges to cope with and take advantage of today's environment.

Trump World

8 Best Places to Put Your Money Now

In this timely panel, three top experts on global and income investing will explore the hottest markets this year. Will it pay to be a contrarian? After a long bear market, is this the year of emerging markets? Will gold repeat as a top performer in 2017? Can the Dow keep going after a seven-year bull market? Is the 25-year bull market in bonds finally over, and if so, where should income investors go for maximum income?

How Women Can Bridge Retirement-Plan Shortfalls

With longer life expectancies and often-shorter earnings histories, many women run the risk of prematurely depleting their assets during their lifetimes. Morningstar's director of personal finance Christine Benz will discuss how both lifestyle and portfolio adjustments can help stave off a shortfall." Please let me know how that looks.

Five Factors for Navigating the Market

As the chief investment officer of BMO Private Bank, Jack Ablin has 30 years of investment experience. Hear first-hand the techniques he and his team use to oversee $66 billion of investment assets for his clients. Based on strategies laid out in his Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Reading Minds and Market, he will walk you through his easy-to-understand measures for gauging how much risk to take in the market.

What an Investor Needs to Know About the Basics of Cannabis Cultivation and Extraction

This presentation is designed to provide the investor with a basic understanding of the cultivation and extraction elements related to any typical Cannabis business. We will be covering the three primary types of cultivation (indoor, greenhouse, outdoor) as well as the basics of extraction technology and oil based product trending in the industry. While brief, the presenter also plans to accommodate questions from the audience as time allows. (Sorry, no samples)

Meet the Experts Capitalizing on the Global Cannabis Industry

The Canadian cannabis industry continues to lead the global movement and these companies are positioned to see massive growth when the recreational market opens in 2018. From Australia to Uruguay, form Germany to Colombia, Canadian Licensed Producers are capitalizing on what has become a global opportunity. The landscape of the cannabis industry has change and this panel of experts features Canadian cannabis executives that are capitalizing on the global cannabis industry.

When to Buy and When to Sell: Leverage Quant Models to Improve Alpha

Find out how Delphian's easy to use market analysis, strategy development, optimization, and execution platform allows traders to optimize trade strategies and maximize investments.

The Two Things You Must Know to Successfully Pick Stocks

While the mechanisms and machinations of the markets have changed mightily since Benjamin Graham first came up with a practical method for analyzing stocks, or even since Peter Lynch racked up big wins picking equities for Fidelity's Magellan Fund, at least this remains true: companies that deliver constant profits for shareholders will see their share prices increase. But what are the keys to successful fundamental stock selection? Doug Gerlach, president of ICLUBcentral Inc., and editor-in-chief of its Investor Advisory Service and SmallCap Informer newsletters, presents the two keys to successfully picking stocks in this -- or any -- market.

How to Generate Predictable Income Using Creative Real Estate Financing

Discover how to secure your financial future with a passive income, and wealth building investment with a proven track record of success designed to serve individual investor needs, timelines and cashflow requirements.

Capitalizing on the Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry is constantly growing, now is the time to capitalize on this opportunity, without touching the plant itself! Kush Bottles (OCTQB: KSHB), is a dynamic sales and distribution platform that provides unique products and services for both businesses and consumers in the cannabis industry. Kush Bottles aims to be the gold standard for responsible and compliant products and services in the cannabis industry. Kush Bottles has no direct involvement with cannabis plants or extracts.

Legally Compliant and Safe Investment

Rolling Options Winners!

Let's face it-an options trader can have their good days and their bad. While many traders are adept at managing their losers, most are short on ideas for how to take advantage of their winners. Letting it ride and playing with the House's money aren't just for Vegas. In this session, we will explore various ways an investor can lock in profits, reduce or eliminate risk, or even double down.

Meet the Experts Capitalizing on the Cannabis Industry

The legal cannabis movement scored its most significant victory in 2016 as voters in California, Massachusetts and Nevada approved state ballot measures that legalized recreational cannabis while voters in Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas approved ballot measures that legalized medical cannabis. The 2016 election changed the landscape of the cannabis industry this panel of experts features executives from cannabis companies that are capitalizing on the United States cannabis industry.

Fighting the Fed-How to Profit from Rising Rates

Janet Yellen has it in for your portfolio. The Federal Reserve chair has already hiked interest rates multiple times and given every indication she'll keep doing so in the remainder of 2017 and 2018. That will knock the legs out from under many investments, while propelling a select few higher. Interest rate expert Mike Larson will help you sort through the winners and sinners, as well as provide you with timely, specific recommendations on how to profit in a rising-rate environment.

ETFs in the Year Ahead: Five Big Ideas

ETFs are remaking the asset management landscape, rapidly stealing share from active managers and transforming how investors access the market. In this keynote presentation, two of the most respected ETF analysts in the world - ETF.com CEO Dave Nadig and Inside ETFs CEO Matt Hougan - tackle the biggest issues facing the ETF industry, and leave you with five key insights on how you can leverage ETFs to transform your own portfolio in the year ahead.

You Have Been Told Buy-and-Hold Is Smart Investing…You Have Been Told Wrong!

99% of all asset managers believe in buy-and-hold. Before you come to this session, walk into the exhibit hall and ask all of the big-name financial firms these two questions: 1) Will you change how you manage my money in a bear market as opposed to a bull market? and 2) How, specifically, will you know when the next bear market has begun? Then, come to this presentation and learn the truth about these two questions and why it is so important to the future of your financial well-being to never get talked into the high-risk buy-and-hold investment mentality. Mike Turner will teach you the right way to invest in the stock market and why you can look forward to both bull and bear markets without taking on undue risk. Nois NOT about annuities!

5 ETFs to Fight the Fake News

As if investors didn't already have enough confusing information to deal with, now we must deal with the barrage of "fake news" emanating from the financial media, including propaganda from the left, the rightand even the White House. In this presentation, financial journalist and ETF expert Jim Woods demonstrates how to read financial media through a rational lens. More importantly, Jim shows you how to cut through the news fog and objectively identify the very best exchange-traded funds using the trend-following strategies at the epicenter of his Successful ETF Investing newsletter-strategies that have helped investors protect and grow their capital for over four decades.

How to Beat Warren Buffett's Return at Lower Risk

Everyone knows of the 'Oracle of Omaha'. His Berkshire-Hathaway fund is legendary. Buffet is considered, rightly so, to be one of the best portfolio managers in the world. He has made millions for his investors. But, I will show you how to consistently outperform the Oracle of Omaha while taking on far less risk. You may be thinking this is impossible and/or pure hype. You would be wrong. I will show you how to achieve Buffet-busting returns by simply investing in index ETFs and never suffer massive losses in bear markets (as Buffet's investors have). If you are serious about growing and protecting your money, you cannot afford to miss this session.

Trading for Income

In this session, Suzie Smith will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of spread trading, how to know the ideal time to set up a spread trade, and how spread trading can be used to create consistent income. She will also share how her current trades are doing in 2017.

Driving the Future: New Tech, New Opportunities in Automotive

In this session moderated by San Francisco Chronicle business editor Owen Thomas, experts discuss the potential profits and perils for investors in the massive shift to electric and self-driving technologies. How are legacy car companies positioned to benefit? Will Tesla and other new entrants carve out a significant share of the market? Should Alphabet, Apple and other technology companies be considered as ways to play this shift? Panelists include UC Berkeleys Susan Shaheen; Cruise investor Jim Scheinman; and Elliot Katz of McGuireWoods, an expert on self-driving law.

The Darkest Pools: What Nobody Else Will Tell You!

Is the stock market really rigged? We've all heard that it may be manipulated, but only a few people can show you proof that it is. In this unique animated presentation, Stefanie Kammerman, aka The Stock Whisperer will share with you many pictures of actual Dark Pool trades that have controlled this market.
Did you know that over 40% of all the trades being executed right now are happening in this alternative secret exchange known as the Dark Pool? With over 24 years of experience trading in and around the Dark Pool, Stefanie will share the secret ways the Dark Pool trades and how you can gain easy access to it. She will show you the 4 different types of Dark Pool trades and teach you how you can profit off them. Reading the Dark Pool tape is how Stefanie has called the last 10 corrections on social media before they happened as well as a 93% success rate on her popular FREE Whisper of The Day videos.
Come see what all the buzz is about

Dividend Analysis for the Growth Stock Investor

Growth stock investing of the sort used in the award-winning "Investor Advisory Service" newsletter relies on capital appreciation and byuing at relatively low P/E valuations as the keys to successful stock investing. But dividends can add to your total returns, and many investors appreciate the additional safety or income provided by dividend yield. Learn about concepts such as yield, the payout ratio and the importance of balancing income and capital appreciation in your stock portfolio.

Welcome Remarks

Where Next? The Outlook for Canada in 2018

Canada's economy picked up steam in the first half of 2017 but can that continue? Nationally-known financial commentator Gordon Pape looks at the opportunities and dangers in the year ahead.

The Canadian ETF Outlook: What's in Store for ETFs in the New Year

Despite volatility in markets around the world, 2017 turned out to be another big year for the Canadian ETF industry, with billions of dollars of inflows and a herd of new market participants. This discussion will look at some key trends to keep an eye on in the new year.

Where in the World Are We?

The presentation will take a closer look at where we are in the global economic cycle, and where Canada is situated relative to global trend. Is Trump a game changer or a blip? Should we fear any changes to NAFTA? Where are interest rates and currencies heading? What does it mean to asset allocation and valuations, where can we find mispricing in the market? How risky is the housing market?

Trump World

The US experienced a radical regime change on November 8, 2016. The Trump administration is more populist and less progressive than the Obama administration. The former is full of dealmakers, the latter was full of community organizers, lawyers, and economists. How are stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities likely to fare under Trump's America First policies? Might Election Day have marked the end of the New Normal of secular stagnation and the resumption of the Old Normal with stronger growth, but higher inflation and interest rates? How might Fed policy change with more Trump appointees and once Fed Chair Janet Yellen leaves at the beginning of next year? Might Trump's bilateral approach to trade save globalization from the populist anger at the multilateral free trade system? How much might Trump's tax and regulatory reforms boost corporate earnings?

Preparing for the New Gold Rush

Gold has been in a bear market for nearly five years, but in recent months it's begun to trade higher. Long-time gold experts and technical analysts are saying this is the big breakout-the long-awaited end to the bear market. But regardless of whether it's today or a bit down the road, the next up-cycle in gold is inevitable...and when it happens, the profit opportunities will be truly extraordinary. Join this panel of top gold experts and get the skinny on the yellow metal and their top picks to profit from the next leg up.

Welcome Remarks

Simple Changes People Can Make to Improve Investment Returns

At Contra the Heard we do tremendous amounts of research to have the returns that we do. But there are broad, basic strokes that investors can do to enhance their numbers. Benj will focus on some of those areas while also delving into the Contra methodology.

How to Profit from Fear and Greed

You can profit from fear and greed. Contrarian indicators, also known as sentiment indicators, attempt to identify when investors have become too confident about the direction of the market. Because the crowd is usually wrong at market extremes, we can profit by irrational levels of fear or greed. At this talk, Keith Richards will provide you with tools that can help you identify opportunities created by the emotions of the crowd. Armed with these tools, you will learn to follow Sir John Templeton's advice of Buying when others are despondently selling, and selling when they are greedily buying. Keith Richards has studies contrarian investment tools for over two decades, and has written a CMT research paper on utilizing contrarian indicators in combination with traditional technical analysis tools.

Overvalued? Undervalued? Does It Matter? A look at Markets and Why Bottom-Up Investors Don't Need to Worry About Them

Ryan Modesto, CFA, takes a look at the state of the markets, what investors should and should not be concerned about, and discusses stocks to hold regardless of the macro environment.

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth--How to Make the Most Out of Registered Government Savings Plans

The Federal Government has created a surprising number of different registered savings plans to help Canadians finance their futures. This informal and engaging presentation will summarize how Registered Savings Plans ("RRSPs"), Registered Retirement Income Funds ("RRIFs") Tax Free Savings Accounts ("TFSAs"), Registered Educational Savings Plans ("RESPs") and Registered Disability Savings Plans ("RDSPs") work, but more importantly, it will also help you make the most out of these different opportunities - as they say, the devil is in the details. In addition to discussing most tax-efficient ways to fund these different programs and which to prioritize in different circumstances, this presentation will also focus on when and how to best withdraw money, particularly from RRSPs and RRIFs. Although registered programs can help us accumulate large sums of money for the future, this money goes a lot further if we can manage and reduce the tax bill that arises on the other end. Ultimately, it's not the size of your accounts that matter but how much you have left to spend after the tax man has come and gone.

How You Can Be Stupid and Lazy and Still Become Rich!

Derek Foster left the rat race at the age of 34 despite spending his 20s backpacking across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and living a number of years in Asia. He later became The Idiot Millionaire using a simple investment strategy any 6-year-old can follow. But his strategy has evolved over time and he has learned some additional tricks that can help accelerate your road to wealth! Come and learn more! This talk might change your life!

Up-Close-and-Personal with Tom Sosnoff

What better way to finish your trading year than to hear words of wisdom and inspiration from one of the trading industry's icons. In this session, Tom Sosnoff will once again bring his unique style and insights to The MoneyShow audience. You'll experience Tom at his best in Toronto. Candid. Funny. Always relevant. This one is a definite must-see!

Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Trading and Investing

Several technology trends are reaching a level of maturity that is enabling Artificial Intelligence to emerge as a vital component of trading. These trends are the basis of partially or fully autonomous artificial intelligence trading systems that can learn, think, and evolve as new market dynamics emerge. The implication is that these new systems will capitalize on market dynamics in ways that are very hard for traditional traders to match.