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ManpowerGroup (MAN) — leading global staffing firm — beat analysts’ top- and bottom-line estimates in the second quarter, observes John Buckingham, money manager, value investing expert and editor of The Prudent Speculator.
While the Delta variant of COVID-19 is getting all the headlines right now, the frontiers of biotechnology are not solely confined to treating the outbreak of this pathogen, notes Jim Woods, an exchange-trade fund specialist and the editor of The Deep Woods.
Three short months ago, the entire financial world was wagering on rising rates. They were collectively bearish on Treasuries and shorted them, and the trade became too one-sided, notes Brett Owens, income expert and editor of Hidden Yields.
The history of utilities is packed with examples of management getting badly burned by investing outside regulated operations, recalls Roger Conrad, utility sector specialist and editor of Conrad's Utility Investor.
The two best indicators to follow for the market are price action and volume. I often refer to them as the king and queen of the indicators, states Bob Lang of Explosive Options.
We said on Monday this would be a pivotal week and it certainly proved to be so, says Adam Button of
It must be frustrating for the Biden administration that all of the policies that they put in place to try to reduce America's dependence on oil and gas are helping build back Big Oil and build it back better, says Phil Flynn of the PRICE Futures Group.
Amazon was the latest tech heavy weight to report excellent earnings, yet it failed to meet the high expectations of market watchers, explains Ian Murphy of
While Treasury debt is the "least dirty shirt" in the global bond market right now, that doesn't mean we have to settle for dirty laundry, states Todd Shaver, editor of Bull Market Report.
JPMorgan Equity Premium Income ETF (JEPI) differs significantly from most covered call ETFs, notes growth and income expert Tim Plaehn, editor of The Dividend Hunter.

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At Preferred Coin Exchange we believe there is a better way to increase your net worth. An alternative, more creative way where we come alongside you, taking a consultative approach. We provide a tailored experience specifically to meet your financial goals. What are we so passionate about? The world's rarest coins. Our mission is to share their stories and get them in the hands of people that are looking for a different way to invest so that they can own the story. We desire to earn your business and believe that the strategies we put forth work because they are tailored to you.

Join Rick Rule, live at the MoneyShow Virtual Expo, for a discussion on private investing and how accredited investors can generate income.
Private placements can add leverage to your investments through discounts and warrants. But they can also add paperwork and headaches. Adrian Day will explain these difficulties as well as tell you where to find the best opportunities.

If you've been reading the headlines for the last few years the prevailing wisdom seems clear, there is no outsmarting the markets, so just park your investments in a passive fund and go about your business. Don't think about trying to hedge, and you certainly can't outperform with tactical allocation, just accept market returns and be happy.

John Bollinger, the creator of Bollinger Bands, will take a critical look at the passive investment trend and discuss where value can be created through active investment management. As a bonus he will show you how you can out-perform any ETF over a market cycle.

Through a combination of world-class products, patents, and production capabilities, a perfect storm is brewing in the $11B men's razors and blades industry.
Bitcoin may represent one of the biggest breakthroughs in monetary technology with implications for governments, central banks, and investors around the world. In this jargon-free session, learn what bitcoin is, why many think it is revolutionary, and if it deserves a position in your portfolio.

Delta Airlines partners with Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels among actions toward a more sustainable future.

Building on its $2 million investment for an ongoing feasibility study with Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels (NWABF), Delta has entered into one of the largest airline offtake agreements of its kind to purchase sustainable aviation fuel, if produced, from NWABF. For the first time in history, accredited investors and small family offices will have access to the Billionaire advantage strategy, thanks to Blockchain technology and BPN Capital Group.

Farmland has consistently delivered higher returns than other investments with significantly less volatility, and Farmfolio has revolutionized the ability for individuals to own land directly while generating passive income without any sweat equity. Join Peter Badger to learn how the company does it, and how you can profit from its newest opportunity, a breathtaking Tahiti lime farm in one of the world's prime growing regions. With limes experiencing unprecedented global demand, this is an incredible chance to add farmland to your portfolio.
Jack Ablin is a founding partner and chief investment officer of Cresset Capital, a $14 billion investment firm serving high-net-worth individuals and family offices. Mr. Ablin will share his insights into macro strategy and asset allocation to help your investment portfolio thrive in the changing investment and political landscape.
Understanding money flow is the basis of successful investing and trading. During this session, Inna Rosputnia will talk about ways to 'read money flow' and use it to spot the biggest trends. Moreover, she will have a look at potential money rotation in the coming months and years, and find the best sectors to invest in.