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2023’s turned out to be a much better year than most investors expected, states Alec Young of MAPSignals.
The chart of the day belongs to the analytics software company MicroStrategy (MSTR), states Jim Van Meerten of
Chris Preston and Brad Simmerman of Cabot Wealth Network sit down with Mary Ellen McGonagle.
COP 28 market 28 years of failure by trying to get countries to agree to the term ‘fossil fuel phaseout,”. states Phil Flynn of PRICE Futures Group.
The business at Alibaba Group Holding (BABA) continues to improve and generate more free cash flow (27% growth YoY, $28.1B FCF TTM, 21.8% FCF yield) and higher sales (+9% YoY). The price of the stock does not reflect that – until it does, notes Tom Hayes, editor of Hedge Fund Tips.
Stocks finished Friday with a modest rally, but they’re hugging the flatline so far today. Gold and silver are a bit lower along with Treasuries, while crude oil and the dollar are essentially unchanged.
If you can afford it – and it would not be too big a position in your portfolio – putting $2,000 into a couple of speculative biotechs might be a good idea here. One I like is Compass Pathways (CMPS), explains Michael Murphy, editor of New World Investor.
America loves weight-loss drugs. Here, I’m talking about the newest class of weight-loss drugs, the “GLP-1 drugs.” Indeed, the long-term impact of GLP-1 drugs has been a significant story in markets throughout 2023, but lately it’s had a bigger macro impact. Novo Nordisk (NVO) is a clear beneficiary, writes Jim Woods, editor of The Deep Woods.
“Jobs Fridays” are notoriously tricky to trade, with a ton of intraday volatility. We’ve already seen that this morning following the latest data, with stocks selling off big at 8:30 am Eastern, then clawing their way back.
Lucas Downey of makes the case for even more gains ahead for stocks. Here are four reasons why stocks can surge in 2024.

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The year-end Tax Loss Selling Season offers a unique opportunity for investors to strategically manage their portfolios while potentially reducing their tax liability. In this presentation, Chris delves into the world of ETFs and explores how they can be effectively harnessed during this critical period. Join Chris as he navigates the intricacies of tax-efficient investing, learning how to identify underperforming assets, offset capital gains, and make strategic adjustments to an investment strategy.

Vincent Lupo, is COO of TradeUP Securities, a “truly end-to-end fintech brokerage firm.” In this interview from the MoneyShow/TradersEXPO Orlando, he explains how his firm offers account o

Don’t miss this provoking session about portfolio planning, as we look back on 2022 and 2023 and how those years may have impacted Canadian investors’ views of risk. MoneySense senior editor Justin Dallaire talks with Hail Yang, Director, iShares Product Consulting at BlackRock Canada, about how to build a resilient portfolio—not just for 2024 but for the long term.

Going through market history, we can see that we’ve been in this type of environment before. Kim will outline similar points in history and identify how the past may help prepare investors for what could come this time around. In particular, the recent shift from disinflation to inflation has numerous similarities to the early 1940s - a terrific period of outperformance for value stocks. She will also discuss why exposure to Canadian equities has been especially beneficial to investors during inflationary periods.

Donald will go through some key economic (GDP peaking, interest rates rising, unemployment) and market events (sector strength and weakness in certain industry groups) that are occurring at this time.  He will also highlight events that normally take place in the next phase.


The Morgan Report is known to follow gold and silver, yet in our four decades plus the industry we have always followed the “white” metals, including palladium and platinum.  Since both the PGMs- Platinum Group Metals are fifteen times rarer than gold, why aren’t they selling for more than gold? Is there an opportunity here, and if so, what is it? David Morgan will visit this topic and explain why these overlooked metals may still hold opportunities.

KeyStone's Founder, Ryan Irvine will show you how the Big Bank traditional portfolio building is killing your return potential and how you can make simple changes to build a Buffett Growth Portfolio comprised of 15-25 growth & dividend growth stock portfolio designed to enrich you, not your advisor. He will detail what KeyStone's analyst team looks for in a great stock with real examples of past winners including the best-performing revenue-generating stock on the TSX over the past year Hammond Power (HPS.A: TSX), up over 10,800%, and Boyd Group (BYD: TSX) the best-performing stock in Canada over the past decade up over 10,500%. Mr. Irvine will explore the common profile of these great stocks and give you 5 new profitable and growth & dividend growth stocks you will find nowhere else and can buy today. Included are KeyStone’s top cash-rich gold-related stock, top cash-rich & growing software stock, top renewable energy stock yielding 6%, and more.

Doom and gloom once again rule the markets, with wars, inflation, high interest rates, corporate scandals, weak earnings, and dozens of other reasons to sell. But investors can always find reasons NOT to buy stocks. Let's put on the rose-colored glasses and look for some positives today, against the backdrop of negativity. There are no guarantees, but buying when 'everyone hates everything' usually works out well for investors, if they have some patience.

Even with uncertainty hitting the markets, price action is in sync with the market cycles and timing is key to trading success. By having a roadmap and simple timing tools, an investor/ trader has a structure to navigate the ETF and investing world. Learn to anticipate market direction by reading the Market Map. Using simple tools, find better trade entries and profit targets.  Live market examples of Stocks and ETFs will be provided.

The essence of MegaTrend investing is to establish a straightforward, resilient method to identify high-performing stocks and options, ensuring consistent returns without the need for constant adjustments amid market shifts. In this webinar, Gregg Early, US editor of Proffe Invest, delves into a select set of 10 long-term MegaTrend stocks and in-the-money options contracts that possess the capability to surpass market performance.