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At this point in the investment cycle, we want to retain exposure to stocks — but with flexible managers who can focus on pockets of the markets, reduce stock exposure and even sell short or hedge at their discretion, suggests Bob Carlson, editor of Retirement Watch.
Deere (DE) is best known for its iconic green and yellow tractors, but today, it is the leading agricultural technology company. Much like other facts of life, farming is going digital, observes Scott Chan, contributing editor at Investing Daily's The Complete Investor. 
Cloudflare (NET) — an off-the-radar company and potential takeover target — provides cloud-based services to secure websites, observes Carl Delfeld, growth stock expert and editor of Cabot Explorer.
If you love high-yield income, you have to love our Shadow Funds — the name we give to our closed-end fund recommendations, asserts Steve Mauzy, editor of Dividend Confidential.
Ian Murphy of states; over the weekend queries came in about the bear market and specifically is it over and is it time to get back into stocks?
Rolling-down is one of our frequently used covered call writing exit strategies, states Alan Ellman of The Blue Collar Investor.
If at first you don’t succeed, why not try price caps, suggests Phil Flynn of PRICE Futures Group.
Stocks rebounded; ten of eleven S&P SPDR sectors were higher last week, notes Bonnie Gortler of
PulteGroup (PHM) started in 1950 when 18-year-old William “Bill” Pulte built a five-room bungalow near Detroit, notes Ingrid Hendershot, value oriented money manager and editor of Hendershot Investments.
We are officially in a bear market, with the averages down over 20%. So, what does that mean going forward? asks Jack Forehand, an investment strategist and editor of Validea.

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Gold stocks have the highest Beta in the stock market. This provides above-average spreads in the options market. Learn to earn strong cash flow with just a few top-tier mining companies.
Join Michael Weil, CEO of The Necessity Retail REIT (Nasdaq:RTL)—Where America Shops, for a discussion about the compelling investment opportunity RTL provides investors. Mr. Weil will focus on the strength, performance, and resilience of RTL's portfolio of more than 1,000 primarily necessity retail single tenant and open-air shopping center properties net-leased on a long-term basis to a predominantly investment-grade tenant base. We are witnessing a retail renaissance where retailers are increasingly recognizing the value of an omnichannel approach and the importance of having a physical presence. RTL's properties are located in strong suburban communities and are the brick-and-mortar locations that represent the last mile in retail, the places consumers continue to visit every day to receive goods and services. Investors looking for exposure to a necessity retail real estate portfolio, strong quarterly dividends and growth potential should consider an investment in RTL. The knowledge you gain by attending this session will provide you with an appreciation for the value RTL can bring to your portfolio.

Learn how to navigate volatile markets safely and successfully by trading options.
Cash is a position and patience is in order as we navigate the worst months of the year and the weak spot of the four-year cycle. But 2022 is setting up for a prototypical midterm bottom hitting its low point in late Q3 or early Q4 in the August-October period, just ahead of the midterm elections. Jeff will show you how to navigate this volatility and be ready for the next bull market rally. Inflation is stubbornly remaining at multi-decade highs, the Fed is tightening, sentiment is bearish, support levels are not holding, supply chain disruptions persist, there is conflict in Europe and energy prices are at record highs for consumers. Continue to be patient as the weak spot of the four-year-cycle will eventually give way to the sweet spot, likely sometime later in Q3 or in early Q4. Even with inflation at multi-decade highs, cash is likely the least risky place to wait.

In this session, Ken Mahoney will speak about positioning, when you should add shares, and when you should exit. You will also learn about proper money management techniques, like placing stop orders, how to approach earnings/earnings season, and how to use the volatility index as telltale sign of when to increase/decrease your exposure.

Human FGF-1 is a potent growth factor that has been shown to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, as well as new neurons, in animal models of Parkinson's disease and other brain disorders. In this talk, this previous research will be reviewed, as well as the presentation of late-breaking results from a just completed first human study examining the intranasal delivery of FGF-1 to subjects with Parkinson's disease.

For 28 years, Irwin Naturals has been a household name brand in the US. It is embarking on a landgrab for the Coca-Cola first mover advantage in two of the most disruptive new industries; cannabis and psychedelics. This talk will focus on the power of large brands to bring profitability to investors in these two sectors. The company is highly profitable and not asking the investment community to finance a burn-rate. Company profits for 2023 are solidly forecasted at $56 million with 2024 ballooning to $112 million.

POET Technologies is a leader in the silicon photonics trend that's changing the semiconductor game-moving data at light speed for today's data-hungry technologies. POET is taking optical data transmission to the next level with our proven method for efficiently integrating photonics and electronics. The centerpiece: our patented Optical Interposer, which consolidates components onto a single, scalable platform that dramatically reduces assembly time and cuts costs by as much as half. In short, POET is lighting the way in hybrid silicon photonics-for applications ranging from data centers to health sensors, IoT to 5G, and AI to EV.