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Profitable Day & Swing Trading with Harry Boxer*

Harry Boxer is founder of, a live trading room featuring his trade alerts and technical market analysis. A 50-year veteran technical analyst and stock picker, he is author of Profitable Day & Swing Trading, named by Stock Trader's Almanac as the "2015 Best Investment Book of the Year."

Harry Boxer will demonstrate how to:

  • Build your focus list for the session: This includes analyzing patterns from the previous day, as well as pre-market news and price/volume percent gainers.
  • Play opening gaps and early session patterns: With the vast majority of intraday day-tradable patterns initiated at or very close to the opening of trading, Harry will show you how to closely analyze the first 15-30 minutes of pattern and related volume development to recognize what stocks may be excellent day trades or at least strong early scalp plays.
  • Draw trendlines, set targets, and stops: Harry will show you how he continuously draws and monitors/updates throughout the session his trend lines, channels, and important developing continuation patterns such as flags, pennants, coils, in addition to adding support and resistance lines for targeting purposes.
  • Determine your time horizon and when to swing trade: Harry will discuss the channel patterns and charting time frames in determining when to extend to a swing, plus his key rules for swing traders.

For anyone who wants to tap into acclaimed trader Harry Boxer's winning tactics, this session has it all!

*SAVE $50—$299 per person if purchased by October 17, $349 per person if purchased after October 17. Includes refreshments.

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Trader Tax Law 2019 Year-End-In Depth Update*

Right before the crucial end of the year, you won't want to miss this timely and practical Master Class by trader-tax expert Adam Manning, CPA, a partner at Green, Neuschwander & Manning, LLC.

He will discuss year-end tax planning, trader tax status (business expenses), the tax treatment of different financial products including securities, futures, options, ETFs, ETNs, forex, and cryptocurrencies, critical tax elections, wash sale loss limitations, and entities with health insurance and retirement plan deductions.

A local CPA is likely to miss out on certain trader tax rules, deductions, and nuances, but Adam Manning won't. And, after attending this Master Class, you won't either!

*SAVE $50—$299 per person if purchased by October 17, $349 per person if purchased after October 17. Includes refreshments.

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Forex Trading Fundamentals, Technicals, Strategies*

For the first time ever, two popular CNBC contributors are teaming up at The TradersEXPO Las Vegas to provide you with institutional-quality forex trading education.

In the first half of this Master Class, renowned commodities and capital markets expert Dennis Gartman will share his take on the fundamentals of central bank policies, including QE and interest-rate policies. He will discuss the fundamentals of foreign trade upon the balance of trade statistics, including the general public's misconceptions regarding trade balances. He will then spend time discussing the improper nature of trade restrictions and tariffs and focus attention upon currency cross trading and upon the importance of technical trading practices in the forex market.

In the second half of the class, former Money in Motion contributor Amelia Bourdeau will give an overview of the FX market-its size, liquidity, and most-traded FX pairs. She will provide a short segment on dealing room terminology, look at FX regions within the G10, and explain how the G10 currencies are divided and why. She will also discuss safe-haven FX and high-beta FX and their movements.

In just three hours, you will learn everything you need to know to trade currencies confidently and profitably!

*SAVE $50—$299 per person if purchased by October 17, $349 per person if purchased after October 17. Includes refreshments.

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7 Critical Skills for Trading Success in Stocks, Futures, and Forex*

50-year market veteran Jake Bernstein began his trading career in 1967. Since then, he has written over 45 trading books, spoken at leading investment conferences all over the world, and has been a guest on major business shows such as CNBC and Wall $treet Week. His trading tools and market research are widely followed by top traders, brokerage firms, banks, hedge funds, and independent traders. His work is 100%-rule based and objective. Always a top-rated presenter at MoneyShow conferences, Jake's clear rules and ever-powerful teaching style are greatly valued by attendees. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see and learn from Jake in person. Here are the significant topics he will present in detail and with crystal-clear examples. • His five absolute BEST timing tools • How to SPOT high odds trading opportunities • Profit maximizing strategies • Getting out of the "danger zone" • Trader psychology and the trading model • How CYCLES project major tops and bottoms • His best leading indicator Spend four extremely valuable hours with Jake and change your destiny! Learn solid ruled-based tools from a real trader who is also an outstanding teacher. Most of Jake's events fill up quickly, so don't wait-sign up now! Space is strictly limited.

*SAVE $50—$299 per person if purchased by October 17, $349 per person if purchased after October 17. Includes refreshments.

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Target-Rich Trading Strategies for Volatile Markets: The Most Profitable and Reliable Trade Setups*

With market volatility, navigating the moves in the markets has become extremely important for a trader keen on keeping profits. In this Master Class, a rare opportunity to engage with Anne-Marie Baiynd, author of The Trading Book, The Trading Book Companion Workbook, and founder of as she defines her precise and systematic trading setups in a clear four-step approach that gives traders a major advantage in these volatile and uncertain markets, creating clean and direct paths to gains.

This system of trading called “The Target Rich Approach” defines several areas to define risk, take profit, continue, for greater gains or to change direction—all by paying attention to simple price action motion and understanding big pictures. This proprietary strategy is the basis of several algorithmic trading strategies available across several platforms and you'll learn it here.

In This Master Class, You Will:

  • Observe and separate signal from noise from the markets
  • Identify and control risk the way many algorithms and performance traders do
  • Position trades on either side of the market and use time as your ally
  • Gain access to proprietary information and build simple but robust strategies for yourself

Trading well is marked by consistency over time—with more winning trades than losing ones, and more gains than losses in your portfolio as you build personal wealth. Doing that means you've harnessed the power of Target-Rich Trading Strategies, and this Master Class will put you on the trading landscape to do exactly that.

*SAVE $50—$299 per person if purchased by October 17, $349 per person if purchased after October 17. Includes refreshments.

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Cancellation Policy:  $15 per ticket. All cancellations must be received (7) days prior to event(s) for a refund. Limited attendance; all registration, tickets, and hotel reservations are on a first-come first-serve basis.