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The Swing Trader's Guide to Trends, Retracements, and Breakout Trades in Today's Market $139.00
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Dividend Growth: The "Stealth Growth" Strategy*

Dividends are often associated with slow-growth companies and defensive-minded investing. Yet this overlooks a couple of key facts. Dividends and dividend growth have historically accounted for the lion's share of stock total returns. Moreover, companies that are rapidly growing their payouts can be found in some of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy.

This gives rise to a largely underutilized strategy: "Stealth growth" investing, which centers around buying quality stocks with a penchant for dividend growth. Come discover how (and why) it works, find out which sectors offer the most promising dividend growth, and scan the entire equity universe to uncover the best values. Courtesy of these true industry-leading experts, you'll take home specific stock ideas-including in tech and other growth sectors-each one set up to produce safe growth in ways that may have never even made your radar before! $109 per person if purchased by Jan.17, 2019; $139 per person if purchased after Jan.17, 2019.

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Combining the Best Technical Analysis Tools*

Veteran trader John Person will teach you why you need to learn how and why some of the best technical trading tools, available in some of the most popular trading platforms such as thinkorswim and TradeStation, have been modified for today's computerized trading environment. Investors and traders have learned in the last year that markets are a bit more complex than they once were. In this session, you will learn how John searches for trade setups using seasonal studies combined with the best confirming yet non-correlated indicators.

He will also give detailed examples and rules to follow as to which trading strategies can best be employed from a leverage, risk, and profitability perspective. This event promises to give great insights that all investors can take advantage of including day, swing, and position traders, especially for those who employ option strategies.

Topics that he will cover include:

  • • Defining how and when to best use seasonal analysis
  • • How to modify price-based indicators on your trading platform
  • • Entry and exit setting techniques
  • • Three top option strategies for directional and non-directional trades If you've ever wanted to learn practical trading techniques, then this class is definitely for you!

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Dining w/the Experts - Lunch w/ Stephen Biggar*

Dining with the Experts allows our attendees and speakers to get to know each other better in a more relaxed and intimate setting at the Omni Orlando Resort. Dinners will be curated by MoneyShow staff and will include six attendees and one or two speakers as hosts.

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Dining with the Experts - Dinner w/ TBD*

Dining with the Experts allows our attendees and speakers to get to know each other better in a more relaxed and intimate setting at the Omni Orlando Resort. Dinners will be curated by MoneyShow staff and will include six attendees and one or two speakers as hosts.

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MoneyShow Morning Run/Walk

Get your blood pumping and creative juices flowing with an exhilarating run to start your day off right. Join us for a three-mile run or walk around the stunning Omni Orlando Resort as we physically and mentally prepare for our second day of sessions. All participants will get a MoneyShow T-shirt.

$25 per person if purchased by January 17; $45 per person after January 17. All proceeds will benefit a local charity.

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The Strategy That Has ALWAYS Worked*

This strategy beat the market in the 50s; trounced the market in the 60s; obliterated the market in the 70s; crushed the market in the 80s; pummeled the market in the 90s; smashed the market in the 2000s; and massively outperformed the market in the 2010s. Now…with all of this outperformance, you might think this is a high-risk strategy…and you would be wrong! This strategy is far lower risk than buy-and-hold. And, not one time, not in all the massive bear markets over the past 90 years, did this strategy have any major losses…not once.

Mike Turner, president, Turner Capital Investments, will show you how this strategy works and how to do it without spending a penny on high-end software or spending huge amounts on financial consultants. This Master Class is the reason you are attending this year's The MoneyShow Orlando. Come be prepared to get your socks completely knocked off!

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Trend Trading Like a Pro*

Everybody loves to talk about trading trend, but few people can do it well. That's because trend trading requires a proper mindset, and more importantly, a well-designed structure that can be applied across all markets and timeframes.

Join Boris Schlossberg, co-founder of BKForex.com, as he introduces you to his FlowRider system. Designed originally for the forex market, FlowRider can be used to trade futures and stocks as well. It's particularly effective on the indices like the Dow, Nasdaq, and the S&P500. The FlowRider system can be traded both manually and algorithmically on anything from one-minute to a one-month chart and is suitable for day traders, swing traders, and even longer-term investors. Its purpose is to position the trader right at the start of a trend in order to capitalize on the most explosive moves in the market.

Please join Boris for this hands-on masterclass as he walks you step by step through every facet of trend trading with exact entry, exit and trade management rules, so that you can ride the flow to profit.

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Dining w/ the Experts- Lunch w/Jack Ablin- Day 2

Dining with the Experts allows our attendees and speakers to get to know each other better in a more relaxed and intimate setting at the Omni Orlando Resort. Dinners will be curated by MoneyShow staff and will include six attendees and one or two speakers as hosts.

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Fundamental & Technical Analysis of the Energy Markets*

The United States is a leader in the production and supply of energy and is one of the world's largest energy consumers. Increasingly innovative and cost-effective techniques have enabled US producers to remain competitive even during times of low crude oil and natural gas prices. Higher commodity prices will increase access to capital markets across the board for the US energy sector, allowing companies to restructure their debt and bolster their balance sheets. With increased global demand and the United States being at the cusp of an industrial renaissance, are we now positioned to attain "energy dominance"? Stephen Schork, editor, The Schork Report, will answer this question and more in this ground-breaking Master Class.

He will cover:

    OPEC's Staying Power
  • Impact of Oil Production Cuts
  • Geopolitics and Fear Premiums
  • South America Turns Right?
    Natural Gas
  • • Supply Glut
  • • LNG/Pipeline Exports
  • • US Pipeline Capacity
  • • Commercial and Industrial Demand
    Crude Oil
  • Export Caviar, Import Tuna Fish
  • Favorable Tax Reforms
    Balancing Act
  • Supply:Demand
  • Importance of Hedging

Experience a unique opportunity to learn all about energy investing from an insider's point of view.

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Successful Trading from Start to Finish: New Tools*

Why is it that some traders can handle adverse price movement, while others get sick to their stomachs? How does one get back into the groove after they've suffered a string of losses? Why do some lose confidence that their trade will keep working, bailing out even as the trade continues to move in the right direction?

These questions, and many more, will be answered as Rick Bensignor, former Morgan Stanley chief market strategist and one of Wall Street's most sought-after names on both the academic and practical market application of behavioral finance theory, walks you through his successful track record of how to create a profitable investment, how to stay in that profitable investment, and how to know when it's time to simply walk away.

Rick will introduce you to:

  • The special slew of indicators he uses (that helped produce a 75% return on invested capital for his clients in 2017)
  • How he manages to keep drawdown to a minimum (his 39 newsletter recommendations last year averaged but a 0.79% maximum daily closing drawdown across the life of the trade (typically several weeks to many months)
  • What behavioral finance is and how to best incorporate it into your trading (and your life)
  • His best tips on trading psychology that you can implement into your own investment style
  • $139.00
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    MoneyShow Industry Networking Reception- Day 2

    Join the MoneyShow team, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors, and your peers for an exclusive evening networking reception on the outdoor terrace, complete with fire pit! Network while enjoying cocktails and hors d'oeuvres in the balmy Florida weather.

    *$109 per person if purchased by January 17; $139 per person after January 17.

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    Dining with the Experts - Dinner w/ Daniel Gramza*

    Dining with the Experts allows our attendees and speakers to get to know each other better in a more relaxed and intimate setting at the Omni Orlando Resort. Dinners will be curated by MoneyShow staff and will include six attendees and one or two speakers as hosts.

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    Trump's 2018 Tax Reform: New Rules of Engagement*

    In this Master Class, you will learn firsthand how to survive and thrive under the new tax code. Your expert presenters will explain:

  • The new rules with regards to estate planning, income tax planning, and asset protection
  • How to best maneuver your income to take advantage of the new income tax rules and brackets
  • How to best take advantage and properly prepare for the 2026 sunset
  • The best opportunities in estate planning under the new law that will allow you to keep your wealth in the family
  • How to take advantage of the 20% small-business deduction
  • How to convert your IRA into a tax-free account with ZERO out-of-pocket cost
  • Your experts are David T. Phillips, best-selling author of Estate Planning Made Easy, The 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes, and The Family Bank Strategy; Richard Durfee, author of Your IRA: Asset or Ambush and Why All Trusts are not Created Equal, and Mark P. Spencer, CPA, Oliver & Spencer CPAs, PC, a 25-year veteran, focusing on how to best take advantage of current tax laws.

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    Day Trader's Guide to Profiting in Any Market*

    Harry Boxer is founder of TheTechTrader.com, a live trading room featuring his trade alerts and technical market analysis. A 50-year veteran technical analyst and stock picker, he is author of Profitable Day & Swing Trading, named by Stock Trader's Almanac as the "2015 Best Investment Book of the Year."

    Harry will demonstrate how to:

  • Build your focus list for the session: This includes analyzing patterns from the previous day, as well as pre-market news and price/volume percent gainers.
  • Play opening gaps and early session patterns: With the vast majority of intraday day-tradable patterns initiated at or very close to the opening of trading, Harry will show you how to closely analyze the first 15-30 minutes of pattern and related volume development to recognize what stocks may be excellent day trades or at least strong early scalp plays.
  • Draw trendlines, set targets and stops: Harry will show you how he continuously draws and monitors/updates throughout the session his trend lines, channels, and important developing continuation patterns such as flags, pennants, coils, in addition to adding support and resistance lines for targeting purposes.
  • Determine your time horizon and when to swing trade: Harry will discuss the channel patterns and charting time frames in determining when to extend to a swing, plus his key rules for swing traders.
  • For anyone who wants to tap into acclaimed trader Harry Boxer's winning tactics, this session has it all!

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    Top Pros' Top Picks Lunch Panel- Meal*

    Focus: STOCKS Each year in December, the MoneyShow editorial team asks the nation's leading financial newsletter advisors for their favorite stocks for the coming year. Conducted for over 35 years, this always-popular and widely anticipated annual report features the advisory industry's most trusted and respected experts known for their high-quality research and long-term track records of success. Whether it's a potential ten-bagger or discovering under-valued gems, this expert panel's goal is to give you solid investing ideas that you can use in the markets right away. This is an event you do not want to miss! Includes a hot lunch. $109 per person if purchased by January 17; $139 per person if purchased after January 17.

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    Profiting from the Next Wave in Tech & Biotech*

    Disruptive innovations constantly change the way we live our lives, whether it's the cell phones changing the way we bank or buy goods and services or personalized therapies that can turn off diseases at their genetic source. And these innovations present opportunities for investors.

    In this Master Class, you will hear from two towering tech and biotech experts who will identify several of the disruptive innovations taking place today and how technologies like AI, robotics, 3D printing for organ transplants, CRISPR and self-driving vehicles are creating amazing new investment opportunities. $109 per person if purchased by Jan.17, 2019; $139 per person if purchased after Jan.17, 2019.

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    Option Strategies That Work in Practice*

    Some option strategies are so complicated that they don't really work in practice. In this session, Larry McMillan, editor and publisher of The Options Strategist, will look at option strategies that DO work. Ones that have been making money consistently for some time, and ones geared to make money in a particular environment.

    Strategies Which Will Be Encompassed in This Master Class:

  • Speculative strategies: use of put-call ratios, use of predictive tools, including seasonal patterns, option-based indicators
  • Non-directional strategies: selling options, neutral straddle buying, including hedged strategies using $VIX and $SPX derivatives in the same position
  • Specific functions, such as protecting a portfolio of stocks with index or volatility options
  • Finally, this session will also stress strategies to avoid, or at least to be used with caution: bull and bear spreads, for example, which are often used too frequently
  • $139.00
    per person
    Golf Tournament Under the Stars & Lights

    Gather your team of four for this scramble on the executive nine-hole par-three course and play just for the fun of it or to win! We'll have prizes for the winning group, closest to the pin, and hole-in-one. Space is limited so reserve your spot today!

    *$50 per person if purchased by January 17; $75 per person after January 17. Includes clubs, drinks, snacks, and potential prizes.

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    Financial Advisor Track

    We've assembled a stellar roster of leading experts to help you identify emerging trends and steer you and your clients to the best new opportunities in 2019. With volatility making a comeback in the markets, sophisticated clients are looking to their advisors to protect—and grow their portfolios—in a challenging environment. At this year's MoneyShow Orlando, in association with the FPA of Central Florida, this special track will help advisors, like you, learn from world-class experts on how to navigate and profit these turbulent times. In two panel sessions, our experts will offer their views on the economic, political, fundamental, and technical trends that will impact the markets in 2019 and provide cutting-edge retirement planning strategies that your clients can benefit from now and in the coming decade. *$99 per person with CE credits offered for these sessions, subject to final approval of The CFP Board of Standards.

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    Cancellation Policy:  $15 per ticket. All cancellations must be received (7) days prior to event(s) for a refund. Limited attendance; all registration, tickets, and hotel reservations are on a first-come first-serve basis.