WEBCAST Jets Are Taking Off: The Innovative Story of Creating a Smart Beta ETF Did you know that every day there are approximately 102,000 flights around the world? Or that two million people fly in the US every day? Many investors don't realize that the passenger airlines many of us take for granted have overcome challenges to become one of the most profitable industries today. With his uniquely engaging twist of personal experience and hard, fundamental facts, Frank Holmes will share the story of how the JETS ETF was born.

WEBCAST How to Profit from Proactive Rotation of Mutual Funds & ETFs We will look at a ways designed to keep you in the funds and ETFs that are maximizing returns and minimizing risk. How do you determine the leaders and avoid the laggards? Learn how the #1 rated fund newsletter (per Hulbert Financial Digest) decides. How do you know what to buy and what to sell? How do you know when to buy and sell? Join us as we answer these questions with a proven proactive rotational allocation strategy.

SPEAKER Fabian, Michael Michael developed his expertise in the investment field when he jointly managed several portfolios for a fee-only investment advisor. Since 2008 he has focused on building solid client relationships through clear communication and delivering better than expected results.

Michael is the leader of the FMD Capital Management investment committee, and works closely with clients to ensure they are well informed of his current investment approach. He also meets with every prospective client considering joining FMD to ensure their expectations and investment objectives are well understood, in addition to explaining the benefits of working with an investment adviser.

Michaels responsibilities within FMD Capital Management include: Client communication and contact, investment committee, portfolio management, investment research, and account maintenance. He is also a regular contributor to MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha, and InvestorPlace.

INTERVIEW Trading Forex to Hedge the Portfolio Kathy Lien discusses the ways to trade forex through spot forex, futures, ETFs, and ETF options, including which one people are most comfortable using.

INTERVIEW The Many Ways to Trade Forex Kathy Lien discusses the multiple ways to trade forex, such as through futures, options, and ETFs, plus she outlines the pros and cons of each.

INTERVIEW Is the Sustainability of Gold Based on Perception? Dan Gramza takes a fundamental look at the precious metals sector and shares his outlook on the USD's impact on the price of Gold and the global economy.

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INTERVIEW ETFs Versus Actively Managed Funds Jeff DeMaso of Advisor Investments highlights all the factors that go into why he would choose to use an ETF rather than an actively-managed fund.

INTERVIEW Matt Hougan: Massive Growth for ETF Industry Matt Hougan at MoneyShow: I see massive growth for the ETF industry in the next 5 years. Inside of 10 years, they'll be bigger than mutual funds. You'll see assets double and double again.

INTERVIEW The Alternative Energy Idea 38-year veteran Doug Fabian highlights various alternative energy ETFs across the globe as well as the positives but also the negatives and dangers of leveraged ETFs.