FEATURED COMPANY Royal Dutch Shell The Shell Group, (The Group), is a diverse group of energy companies with around 90,000 employees in more than 80 countries and territories. The Group's businesses include oil and gas exploration and production; LNG; power generation; manufacturing, marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals; and renewable energy products, including wind and solar power. The Group's parent company is Royal Dutch Shell plc. Shares in the parent company are traded on stock exchanges in Europe and the USA.

ALLETE, Inc 30 W. Superior St., NA, Duluth, MN 55802-2030

FEATURED MEDIA PARTNER Canadian MoneySaver Canadian MoneySaver is an acclaimed investment advisory with a recognized reputation for providing a trustworthy and down-to-earth service since 1981. Canadian MoneySaver is offered in both a print and electronic version and is published nine times annually. You receive practical investment advice researched, experienced, and described by more than five dozen financial practitioners, including financial planners, tax experts, portfolio managers, investment advisers, lawyers, and successful investors from across Canada. From our advisers, you'll learn how to: get the highest return for RRSPs, RRIFs, annuities, and pensions; boost profits with the best term deposits, GICs, bonds, and income trusts; maximize gains on dividend stocks, closed-end funds, and global investments; use everyday legal advice to save you lots of time and money before visiting a lawyer; buy stocks and mutual funds at no load, and other investments at discounts; slash your insurance premiums by 18-49%; buy, sell, and manage real estate profitably; cut your taxes to the bone; keep more of your money through retirement and estate planning strategies; profit from time-tested portfolios using Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs); buyback stocks, insider trading, and Share Purchase Plans (SPPs); and save money on travel bargains, consumer purchases, and everyday services. In short, Canadian MoneySaver deals with all the money matters that affect your life and your financial security.

FEATURED MEDIA PARTNER Canadian Real Estate Wealth Canadian Real Estate is Canada's only monthly publication dedicated to Canadian real estate investors. Designed to offer readers accurate, cutting-edge information to guide their investment decisions, each issue of Canadian Real Estate is filled with informative articles on a broad range of topics including property values and trends, mortgage advice and product overviews, investment strategies, surveys of particular real estate markets throughout Canada, renovating advice, and general tips and traps for buyers, sellers, and investors. Distributed to over 200 chains across Canada, including major bookstores (Chapters, Indigo, and Coles), newsstands (Gateway), retail stores (The Bay, Loblaws, Wal-Mart, Shopper's Drug Mart, Canadian Tire, Metro, and Safeway) and airport terminals, Canadian Real Estate is also distributed via paid subscriptions, and through marketing alliances with major associations.

Eckard Global, LLC 1819 Jay Ell Drive, Richardson, TX 75081

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WEBCAST How to Generate Predictable Income Using Creative Real Estate Financing Discover how to secure your financial future with a passive income, and wealth building investment with a proven track record of success designed to serve individual investor needs, timelines and cashflow requirements.

INTERVIEW Douglas DiSanti on Cannabis Real Estate Speaking at MoneyShow Las Vegas, Douglas DiSanti shares an investing idea on real estate and buildings for the legal cannabis industry. He's CEO of Green Leaf Investment Fund.

SPEAKER Barsoum, Dalia Dalia Barsoum is a seasoned investor and author of the book Canadian Real Estate Investor Financing—7 Secrets to Getting All the Money You Want. She won the award for "Mortgage Broker of the Year" at the 2015 Top Investor Awards and is a regular columnist for the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.