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FEATURED COMPANY Royal Dutch Shell The Shell Group, (The Group), is a diverse group of energy companies with around 90,000 employees in more than 80 countries and territories. The Group's businesses include oil and gas exploration and production; LNG; power generation; manufacturing, marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals; and renewable energy products, including wind and solar power. The Group's parent company is Royal Dutch Shell plc. Shares in the parent company are traded on stock exchanges in Europe and the USA.

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Republic Monetary Exchange 4040 E. Camelback Road, Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Republic Monetary Exchange 4040 E. Camelback Road, Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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SPEAKER Miller, Peter Peter Miller is the former director of Statistics for Barron's for 15 years, where he coordinated the production and quality assurance of the statistics for the magazine. He had 34 years of experience with Dow Jones & Company, 19 of which were spent with The Wall Street Journal working on statistical pages in production, layout, and design. In 1992, Mr. Miller was a point person on a project team that created the first statistical pagination system used by The Wall Street Journal. He served as project manager from 1998 to 1999 for the Hermes/Unisys pagination system currently used by Barron's and The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Miller has spent the past 15 years analyzing Barron's statistics and how they relate to the market. He has spoken at MoneyShows around the country for the past 10 years and speaks regularly at the AAII Investor Conference and many regional chapters across the country.

SPEAKER Ahern, Michael Michael Ahern is vice president of operations for Barron's, where he is responsible for coordinating business efforts for the news, advertising, and circulation departments. Prior to moving to Barron's in 1999, Mr. Ahern was director of circulation and planning and customer service for Dow Jones print publications. He has over 19 years' experience in the circulation department at the Wall Street Journal and Barron's. Mr. Ahern has an MBA from the University of Hartford and a BS in mathematics from Western New England College.

SPEAKER Holmes, Frank Frank Holmes is chief executive officer and chief investment officer of U.S. Global Investors, Inc. He purchased a controlling interest in U.S. Global Investors in 1989 and became the firm's chief investment officer in 1999. Under Mr. Holmes' guidance, the company's funds have received numerous awards and honors, including more than two-dozen Lipper Fund Awards and certificates. In 2006, he was selected mining fund manager of the year by the Mining Journal. Mr. Holmes is also the co-author of The Goldwatcher: Demystifying Gold Investing. He is engaged in a number of international philanthropies and is a member of the President's Circle and on the investment committee of the International Crisis Group, which works to resolve conflict around the world. Mr. Holmes is also an advisor to the William J. Clinton Foundation on sustainable development in countries with resource-based economies. He is a much sought after keynote speaker at national and international investment conferences. Mr. Holmes is also a regular commentator on the financial television networks CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business, and has been profiled by Fortune, Barron's, the Financial Times, and other publications. He is a native of Toronto and is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor's degree in economics. Mr. Holmes is a former president and chairman of the Toronto Society of the Investment Dealers Association.