TRADING IDEAS OF THE DAY View from London: Currencies in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden As U.S. rates remain less scary, the focus there will shift to the data and the 2Q earnings-making the U.S. once again the pivot for moods globally, asserts Bob Savage, CEO of Track Research in Wednesday commentary from London.

CURRENCY CORNER Trading Pegged Currencies Low Risk Fixed Currency Trades In this article, the staff at goes through advantages and disadvantages with pegging a currency and offers strategies for how a forex trader can profit on trading pegged currencies. The staff also cites real cases in the form of the Saudi riyal and the Danish krone.

CURRENCY CORNER Currencies Update Though he feels there will still be a few weeks of upside in currencies (other than the USD) and in commodities, David Petch, of, thought it might still be a good idea to offer further in-depth technical analysis, since, as he puts it, "...when a top is put in place, one will want to make sure they are sitting on a chair, because it will get ugly. "

CURRENCY CORNER Using Currencies to Hedge Effectively Currency hedging, also known as currency overlay, can help traders and investors to protect an entire portfolio or a single large trade, says David Schultz of

CURRENCY CORNER Emerging Stocks and Currencies Fall After Fed and US GDP OANDA senior currency strategist Alfonso Esparza maps out how a gauge of emerging-market currencies extended a thrashing to a record low following US economic data, which suggests a sooner rather than later US Fed rate hike.

IDEAS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Assessing Currencies by the Big Mac One of the best ways to get your head around relative currency valuations is to look at what the same goods cost in places such as Chicago, London, Tokyo, and Beijing, explains Nicholas Vardy, editor of The Global Guru.

TRADING IDEAS OF THE DAY Currencies and Metals Overview Tiho Brkan of provides a quick technical update in the currency and metals space, with a few interesting charts, along with the outlook for the possible future direction for each.

CURRENCY CORNER The Five Most Traded Currencies and Reasons for Their Popularity In this article, the staff at discusses the five most traded currencies and the reasons for why they are the most popular.

CURRENCY CORNER Major Currencies vs. Their Stock Markets It's not easy to predict a currency's direction, but you can still do yourself a favor by being aware of the prevailing monetary policy in the country in which you are seeking exposure, advises Stoyan Bojinov of

CURRENCY CORNER The 6 Best Currencies to Trade Novice forex traders would do well to stay with major currencies when they first get started, and the staff at FXTM highlight six of the majors and their characteristics below.