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INTERVIEW Dave Nadig on Smart Beta Funds Speaking at MoneyShow Las Vegas, Dave Nadig offers ideas on smart beta fund strategies. It's an umbrella term for something that is not just vanilla indexing, a different ETF. He's CEO of

INTERVIEW ETFs Versus Actively Managed Funds Jeff DeMaso of Advisor Investments highlights all the factors that go into why he would choose to use an ETF rather than an actively-managed fund.

INTERVIEW Matt Hougan: Massive Growth for ETF Industry Matt Hougan at MoneyShow: I see massive growth for the ETF industry in the next 5 years. Inside of 10 years, they'll be bigger than mutual funds. You'll see assets double and double again.

INTERVIEW The Alternative Energy Idea 38-year veteran Doug Fabian highlights various alternative energy ETFs across the globe as well as the positives but also the negatives and dangers of leveraged ETFs.

INTERVIEW Dave Nadig: Why ETFs Grow Faster than Mutual Funds Speaking at MoneyShow Las Vegas, Dave Nadig says: The ETF is a better package for most retail investors. It's tax-efficient, lower cost and easy to trade. There will still be mutual funds.

INTERVIEW ETFs: The Free Lunch of Investing Jack Ablin analyzes the differences between investing in ETFs versus mutual funds by likening them both to the analogy of riding in a taxi cab versus riding on a bus.

INTERVIEW Comparative Chart Analysis For traders currently wondering where they should put their money,'s Mike Paulenoff offers a comparative chart analysis of the SPY versus the EWG.

WEBCAST ETFs in the Year Ahead: Five Big Ideas ETFs are remaking the asset management landscape, rapidly stealing share from active managers and transforming how investors access the market. In this keynote presentation, two of the most respected ETF analysts in the world - CEO Dave Nadig and Inside ETFs CEO Matt Hougan - tackle the biggest issues facing the ETF industry, and leave you with five key insights on how you can leverage ETFs to transform your own portfolio in the year ahead.

INTERVIEW Sector Investing with ETFs Matt McCall takes a look at sector investing and shares the sectors he likes, such as regional banks and biotech, along with several of his favorite picks.